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Real Child Advocate Drugged

February 13, 2009 permalink

James Cavalier is being held prisoner in a mental hospital, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). You can get an idea of Mr Calvaier's character by reading his testimony before the Canadian Parliament in 2001.

Mr Cavalier has in the past worked with Dr Marty McKay. In a letter enclosed below Dr McKay expresses her concerns in the restrained tones of a professional, suggesting that treatment of Mr Cavalier with Zyprexa "carries significant risks to his future health".

Our unconfirmed source alleges Mr Cavalier's current difficulties began in December 2007 when he called Now Magazine, Eye Weekly and Xtra Magazine to complain about an advertisement for sexual services featuring a girl in bondage. Now Magazine pulled the ad but Xtra and Eye just blurred the image. Mr Cavalier called those two publications leaving phone messages complaining about homosexual pedophiles. On December 27, 2007 he was arrested on a charge of criminal harassment. By the time the case came to trial in July his pre-trial confinement exceeded the maximum sentence of six months, so the case was moot. But instead of being released, he was transferred to CAMH. Dr Ian Swayze diagnosed him as suffering from "prosecutory delusions".

Zyprexa could could directly damage Mr Cavalier's brain. Or he could be discharged suddenly from the hospital without a withdrawal period. Upon withdrawal, psychotropic drugs produce the opposite of the intended clinical effect. For Zyprexa that means depression and thoughts of suicide. Should his death occur under these circumstances it could be an unfortunate side-effect of efforts to cure him, or the result of a deliberate attempt to kill with drugs.



Dr. M. McKay Psychologist
Diplomate in Clinical Psychology
2100 Bloor Street West, Suite 6124 Toronto, ON
M6S 5C5

February 6, 2009

To Dr. Rootenberg
as email attachment

Re: Mr. James Cavalier

I am writing, with the knowledge and consent of the above person. My purpose is to alert you to certain pertinent facts, I have known Mr. Cavalier for 15 years. I consider him an important part of the effort to protect children from exploitation end sexual abuse. Mr. Cavalier served as a valuable outside researcher for me in this field. At no time, did I consider him delusional or dangerous.

He is prepared to take full responsibility for conduct which was perceived by others as threats. He recognizes that people cannot read his mind and could not be expected to recognize that his intent was never to harm anyone. I have found Mr. Cavalier very honest and candid in my dealings with him, and I have no reason whatsoever to disbelieve the veracity of his accounts to me. Further, as steed above, I have had many contacts with Mr. Cavalier and have never experienced any feeling of threat from him.

I have had occasion to review the report of Dr. Swayze and, as someone who is frequently called upon to critique professional reports for submission to Court, it is my opinion that his assessment deficient in a number of areas, and thus unreliable. Most notably, there is essentially no discussion of alternative hypotheses regarding Mr. Cavalier's state of mind when examined, reportedly, within a jail setting, not one that Mr. Cavalier is accustomed to as he is not part of the criminal subculture who might be little affected by the harshness of this environment. Dr. Swayze did not show evidence of taking into sufficient account the anxiety, depression, fatigue, physical discomfort, malnourishment and other poverty and confinement factors which might induce in the average person, a state of negative and ruminative thinking.

As the recent news items have indicated, for instance, 31 persons arrested for child pornography, Mr. Cavalier's concerns are far from abstract and imaginary. His concerns arise out of actual events transpiring within our communities. I have been involved in the protection of children since becoming a Consultant Psychologist with the Catholic Children's Aid Society in 1976. I am currently involved with others in the process of investigating whether there may be adoption practices which may place some children at risk for exposure to sexually explicit lifestyle circumstances, I could benefit from Mr. Cavaliers expertise in this area, and frankly am very concerned, about the efforts to identify him as having a delusional disorder which can then be used to discredit his findings on the pervasive influence of pornography in the community, including the inevitable potential for detrimental socialization effects on children and youth, I would see the distinct possibility that Mr. Cavalier's specialized knowledge and compilation of pornography as it pertains to the exploitation of children and youth may prove useful to the police in certain recent occurrences alluded to above. In fact, his accumulated research materials may prove to bear witness to solicitation efforts with respect to child exploitation. I understand that others who are concerned about Mr. Cavalier's incarceration at CAMH have been In touch with certain police officials to alert them of his knowledge base and his current situation.

Dr. Rootbenberg, it is important to note that the public may interpret the efforts to continue to discredit Mr. Cavalier's concerns about pornography on children end youth, through identifying them as evidence of a Delusional Disorder, as trying to silent a witness to a grave social ill. To be clear, I am not levelling any accusations, but simply making a somewhat educated idea about public perception when it comes to such a serious issue as child pornography and other areas of child exploitation.

Please note also that, with Mr. Cavalier's consent, I have forwarded this letter onto others who are actively concerned about his situation and actively working on his behalf.

On another rote, I must also express my concern about the administration of Olanzapine/Zyprexa to Mr. Cavalier, a substance, and at a reported dosage, which, I fear, carries significant risks to his future health. If you have any doubts about the basis on which I express these concerns, I would be happy to nave forwarded to you research compiled on Zyprexa.


M. McKay, Ph.D., C. Psych., ABPP

Clinical Specialty, American Board of Professional Psychology

Source: private communication