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Demonstration for Devon

January 27, 2009 permalink

Mary Janiga reports on the demonstration in support of Devon. In the court hearing, Devon remained under the control of CAS and will be subject him to more chemo, probably until he is blind.



Monday, January 26, 2009

January 26th days events

Hamilton Ontario demonstration for Devon January 25, 2009

Always a success!!

It was a cold and bitter day with temperatures hitting -17 degrees Celsius on the scales with a wind chill factor that made it seem quite colder. We arrived on site with our trusty bullhorn at 10am. However a group of supporters small as they may be braved the cold temperatures to support a family that has been at hands of Children’s Aid Society and the treatment inflicted upon their son for the past 9 months, 263 days. We made up signs and huddled together and discussed the events of the day and what might come about this day.

The parents of “D” arrived at the court house earlier and we spoke with them briefly through out the day. As to be expected with the weather the way it was it did not damper our moods to protest and talk to people that looked at our signs and at one time we had 8 people standing around together talking about the Children’s Aid Society and their victims. We spoke with people from all walks of life, and everyone had a story to tell about their experiences.

The outcome of the court case was to be expected. Overpriced and overpaid CAS lawyers were there on behalf of the Society and a Duty counsel lawyer to represent the family and evidence was not allowed to be presented further instead a token offering was made to the family. The Children’s Aid Society did want to adjourn this hearing but the parents said no way. They had waited since May 14, 2008 and when the November 2008 court date was swept by it was a long time coming to get to court. 12 months of a further in home care maintenance plan of chemotherapy drugs and they would have the right to seek out alternative care and therapy for their child outside of the Province of Ontario as long as they had a court order to do so when arrangements are made for alternative care for their child.

We can’t say if a milestone has been crossed by this family. Have they been given every opportunity to respect their child’s wishes? They are allowed to seek alternative treatment yet they are still at the hands of the Children’s Aid Society whims and promises. This is not the end of the story as there are many more bridges to cross to get to where there is a light at the end of the rainbow/tunnel. The child “D” still suffers in pain. The CAS maintained control of his medical needs yet again and his family has a choice now we hope to get their child the help he so rightfully deserves.

We will definitely be back at the court house with the family in the months to come when they confront the CAS and call them on their promises of allowing them the right to seek alternative treatment for their child.

It is always a success when 2 or more people stand together and hold a sign and unite for a family we feel that we have accomplished something.

Nothing is a negative and everything is a positive for this family and community. Come rain or shine, wind or snow, day or night, we will be there to support families and children in their plight against the Children’s Aid Society.

Maybe someday the Ombudsman will gain oversight of the Children’s Aid Societies of this Province of Ontario and make the Children’s Aid Society accountable for their actions against families and children.

Thank you for your support.

Posted by Advocate at 1:38 PM

Source: Mary Janiga blog for January 26, 2009