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Advocate Speaks for Devon

January 26, 2009 permalink

An advocate for Devon has produced a press release recounting his last year of abuse at the hands of the Children's Aid Society of Hamilton. At the start of his ordeal, his cancer was in remission and he had no symptoms. As you read what was inflicted on him, think of the words of Dominic Verticchio: "I've not heard of any significant detrimental side-effects."



Sunday, January 25, 2009


Child Assist Services
19 John St. N.
Ste 300
Hamilton, ON
L8R 1H1
289 396 4275


Date of event: January 26, 2009 10am to 12pm

Where: Hamilton Family Court 55 Main Street West, Main/McNab Street

For more information contact: Mary or Swayze 289 396 4275

On May 9, 2008 through the tactics of the Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton, Children’s Aid Society workers told the father of his sick child diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at the age of 7 years old, that he had to go to the hospital for a simple finger prick test and some generalized blood tests. This child was also diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and has been receiving the drug Resperdol (resiperdone) throughout his child hood years. The father agreed to these simple procedures and when he arrived with his child he was told that his child would undergo his first round of treatment of Chemotherapy. The father so concerned and upset about his child not wanting the treatment was there to protect his child. What did the Children’s Aid Society and McMaster Children’s Hospital do? They contacted security guards of the hospital and the Hamilton Police and removed the father from the hospital room in handcuffs and away from the hospital property. The child was told by Children’s Aid Society staff that he would not see his parents again. The police did not lay any charges as no crime had been committed except that the father was protecting his child from chemotherapy treatment and harm at the hands of the Children’s Aid Society and McMaster Children’s Hospital.

During this weekend it was Mother’s Day. A candle light vigil was held for the child recognized as “D” and over 20 people showed up in support of this family. The very next day the parents arrived outside the hospital with more supporters, family and friends and they still had not seen their child except through a window and a bullhorn provided by supporters. The CAS workers and security staff closed the blinds after the child waved to the crowd. Children’s Aid Society workers and supervisors contacted the mother and father shortly thereafter and said if they put down the bullhorn and stop disturbing people at the hospital then they would let them in to see their child. They had not seen the child for over 24 hours after the first round of treatment had been administered. They went in to see the child and the court battle started.

From May 9th, 2008 until May 14, 2008 visitation was enforced, and a court case was held. The Children’s Aid Society was granted custody of the child’s medical needs to administer chemotherapy for the next rounds of treatments and his family retained custody of the child to take him to the medically necessary treatments of chemotherapy at the McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario. The child was deemed incapable through a court ordered prescribed mental capacity assessment, as they said he could not understand or comprehend the difference between standard western medicine (chemotherapy) versus traditional native medicines (naturopathy). When this first took place there were friends and anonymous donors that assisted in legal and medical assistance for this family. A lawyer was hired and was told stop the chemotherapy, but that did not happen. It was forced upon this child through a court order. This child had suffered for many years and it was his choice to stop the treatment.

For the next 263 days after “D” was transferred from McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton in June of 2008 to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, ON. He was found to be misdiagnosed with the wrong form of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and his medicines were reduced from 25 different concoctions down to 12 medicines. He underwent 8 rounds of chemotherapy at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital from June until November 2008 and has had one at home which is continuing the treatments at home. Hospital staff were sometimes kind and sometimes not. They were kind to “D”, but humiliated the parents at times and tried to entice them to argue and fight with them. The hospital staff was just doing their job administering the medication. The family didn’t have to like it or enjoy the treatment and pain the child endured every time he was at the hospital. The family was not permitted to pray (smudge) specifically “D” in their native traditional healing ceremonies. The child “D” was only home a full 21 days out of the 9 months of chemotherapy. He went for a spinal tap and chemotherapy injections once every fifteen days throughout this timeframe as well. It was changed to every six weeks after the last in hospital chemotherapy treatment. It wasn’t until December 2008 that the Hamilton Children’s Aid Society notified the family that they would not force cranial radiation treatment. A doctor admitted to the parents that if weren’t for a court order they would not be treating this child.

Strangely there was a court date in November, and it was postponed because the Children’s Aid Society Lawyer got transferred somewhere else, so much for the best interest of the child.

After the last round of chemotherapy in November of 2008 the parents were told that they would have to continue administering three separate chemotherapy maintenance drugs, Methatricade, 12 pills every Tuesday, 6MP 1 ½ pills a day and Etoposide 50mg-100mg switching doses every other day for ten days. He would have to continue to do spinal taps and chemo injections once every 6 weeks. They would monitor his blood levels and platelets weekly. A judge had ruled that they could do research and seek out alternative medicine but they could not start the alternative medicine while undergoing chemotherapy. The time frame would have to be 30 days for the chemo to leave his system.

The family has noticed a change in their child’s behavior from the beginning of the treatment to the last treatment. His health had worsened considerably since the last time in remission. He now has serious lung damage; liver and pancreas damage; he has been diagnosed with drop foot syndrome and must be fitted with braces on his legs to improve mobility and walking; he has decreased memory loss and fatigue, mental stability and capabilities at a preschool level and a very low immune system that can hurt him if he even gets a cold or runny nose. His hair has started to grow back but the headaches have returned. Because of the different medications forced upon him he now has glaucoma which the doctors have said will result in blindness. Is this what cancer chemotherapy treatment has produced? A child that is suffering at the hands of a Children’s Aid Society that wants to continue with ongoing treatment and care of this child for the next 12 – 18 months. “D” must endure more treatment with no chance of seeking alternative care and homeopathic medicines to treat him. There was never an option throughout this chemotherapy round to look for alternative care without the consent and approval of the Children’s Aid Society Workers and office. The family has not been told if in fact if “D” is in clinical remission, they will just guess as they go along. But the family has been told that if the cancer does radiate further in his body that it will start in his brain and that will be the beginning of the end of this child’s life.

Because of the media ban placed on this family since May 14, 2008 the child and the family have not spoken to the media except for a few tidbits along the way, with one at Christmas time and one previous to this court case on January 22, 2009 by Susan Clairmont of the Hamilton Spectator. The family respected the wishes of the judge, but they lost “D”s voice. He has been writing songs and stories about his trials and tribulations throughout this year and has been desperate to have his writings published, but with the media ban as it stands his voice is lost. His voice will not be heard.

That is why a group of supporters throughout Ontario will stand up in front of the Family court House at 55 Main Street West Hamilton on January 26, 2009 at 10am and hear “D”s voice. We are there for the children that are lost in a system for Children’s Aid Society to apprehend and force treatment.

We are there for the families that need us when Children’s Aid Society says ‘we are there for the best interest of the child’, when they don’t respect the child or family.

We are there to support the lost souls of our community through poverty, economic status and despair have been hurled into the Family Court system of corrupt judges, CAS lawyers and Legal Aid lawyers and clerks at the hands of the Children’s Aid Society.

The parents now enter the court room alone without a lawyer, with only Duty Counsel to protect them. They have to be the voice for “D” to prevent an inevitable and painful death at the hands of the Hamilton Children’s Aid Society and hospital personnel. Do they administer chemotherapy drugs for the next 12 – 18 months on a hope and a prayer their child gets better, who may never walk again or run or jump or play like a little boy? Do they seek alternative homeopathic drug treatment and native traditional healings? That is what a court will determine in the days to come. That is what will start on January 26, 2009 at the Hamilton Family Court House.

Because of the excessive costs for medication and legal fees a trust fund is being established, for information contact: or 289 396 4275. We are here to support families and children everywhere!!

Thank you.

Posted by Advocate at 8:54 PM

Source: Mary Janiga blog for January 25, 2009

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