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Rally for Devon

January 20, 2009 permalink

The boy Devon will be the subject of a rally in his support on Monday, January 26. Through the efforts of child assist services he was earlier rescued from Hamilton Children's Aid, but later returned to debilitating chemo-therapy.



Monday, January 19, 2009

January 26 2009 Rally update

I have been posting our rally/protest all around the World Wide Web of the Internet today....

We will be in front of the Family court House at 55 Main Street West Hamilton, ON from 10am until the court hearing is heard for the family we are supporting.

Children's Aid Society has victimized this family for too long, forced chemotherapy, injuring the body and soul of a child.

My heart aches for this child and more than tears should be shed for him.

Come out and hold a sign, support the family and all families everywhere.

We must expose the CAS for what they truly are, tyrants that control our families and children.

There must be accountability for their actions!!

Posted by Advocate at 10:14 AM

Source: Mary Janiga blog for January 19, 2009