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Protected to Death

December 18, 2008 permalink

Barbara Bryan draws attention to a list of children dying at the hands of child protectors. Our own list has 1166 names of children protected to death and increases daily.



Release Date: December 17, 2008

Dead Children: Sent Legally and Officially To Die

Dead children: How many are battered, bruised, heartbroken and neglected to death before all who order their housing and ignore them to death are made accountable?

Check this partial listing of names and pictures ( in memory ). In January, look for a more complete list of known Unnecessary Angels for 2008.

America offers a single avenue for abused or neglected children: the child protection agency of that child’s state. Names vary from Child Protective Services, Department of Child and Family Services, Department of Human Resources and several other titles.

If abuse and neglect reporters, many anonymous and also non-accountable, make an error in sharing suspicions it can be the beginning of the end for that child.

When a report is mistaken or malicious, the child is traumatized. In those worst cases a child’s life may be totally needlessly changed. In those non-cases taxpayers have paid exorbitant expenses and have been defrauded. When is anyone involved prosecuted?

Too often, when a child is truly in danger, real abuse may be ignored until the child is dead or brain-damaged. Parents who cannot or should not have children at home must be monitored or children moved. When they are not who answers when the child is killed?

Decades ago the child protection system was dubbed “the child abuse industry” because so many people profited. All supposedly cared about children and put their expertise on the line: from guardians ad litem and mental health evaluators and counselors to nurses and doctors, prosecutors and the ultimate person approving and immunizing the plan and planners by ordering where a child will live and with whom. That is the judge.

Constitutional safeguards—for children, parents or caretakers—are purposely lacking in most family courts as well as CPS agency process. Yet, children are removed, adopted to strangers or returned to dangerous living arrangements and the child deaths persist.

How high must that pile of dead child bodies become to get the attention it has needed for decades? If many children vanished in railroad cars instead of one or a couple of children from various places in county cars, would that make a difference?

Read the site above and weep. In tight financial times, with more stress and poverty, children cannot afford more mistakes minus basic accountability that everyone else operates under.

Concerned professionals and media may learn more at or by calling NCADRC at 419-865-0513.

Barbara Bryan, [ BHBryan at ]

Barbara Bryan
Communications Director
National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center

Phone : 704-582-1059

Source: Barbara Bryan