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Judicial Tirade

November 9, 2008 permalink

Canada Court Watch reports on judge/tyrant Nancy Mossip in family court.

NOTE: Canada Court Watch added two more paragraphs to this story on November 11 (enclosed below).



Madame Justice Nancy Mossip is a bully, tryrant and a child abuser say members of one Ontario family!

(Nov 11, 2008 Updated) Court Watch has received official documents which support claims by members of a family that Madame Justice Nancy Mossip has abused her judicial authority to personally bully and intimidate children in a court matter. In her chambers she told a child that if the child did not live with the abusive mother and do what the judge wanted that the judge would throw the child's father in jail. How's that for judicial extortion, blackmail and bullying against a child! The child kept saying to Justice Mossip "NO" and made if very clear that he did not want to go back to the abusive mother's home. In fact, in the discussion directly between the child and Justice Mossip in the court, the child makes a better and more reasoned argument than Justice Mossip. To many, this child walked circles around Justice Mossip's weak arguments.

If any parent threatened a child during their court matters they would be severely punished, but it seems that it is OK for Justice Mossip to threaten and intimidate a child. Parents are punished for getting children to take sides yet, Justice Mossip told the child that if he did not take the side that Justice Mossip decided that she was going to punish the father by throwing him in jail. Of course, in light of Justice Mossip's threats, the child has lost all respect for Justice Mossip and the entire family court system. The child asked Justice Mossip what the father had done wrong which would make the judge order that the child must go and live with the mother and Justice Mossip replied to the child that the father had done NOTHING wrong. If the father had done nothing wrong, then why would Justice Mossip tell the child that he had to leave his father's house and then go an live with his mother's house and tell the child that the minute the child goes to dads house that the judge will have dad thrown in jail!

Justice Nancy Mossip is a bully, tyrant and a child abuser say members of one Ontario family!

(Nov 9, 2008) One family has contacted Court Watch with claims that Madame Justice Nancy Mossip has abused her judicial authority to personally bully and intimidate children in a court matter and that she abused her authority as judge by contacting lawyers involved in a case outside of the court in an attempt to influence the lawyers and their clients and that her actions have caused children to be abused. Even the children involved in this matter consider Madame Justice Mossip as a judicial bully and refused to follow her court Order after they walked out of her court in disgust as the way she bullied and intimidated them. According to the family members Justice Mossip tried to cover up her judicial improprieties by attempting to interfere with the release of transcripts in the case. The family claims that on another day, Justice Mossip told everyone in the room that nobody in the room was to say anything about what was said inside the room. Nothing was written down, no court reporter was allowed to record what was said and no order was written. The family believes that Justice Mossip had to cover up her previous blunder and had to keep things off the public record.

Source: Canada Court Watch