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Lisa/Alexis Still Ailing

November 25, 2008 permalink

At a family visit Lisa/Alexis still showed severe health problems.



Little Lisa's Mouth Filled With Sores, Her Back Is Bruised.... God Help This Litte Girl In The Hands Of Washington State CPS

I just received a phone call.

Little Lisa was just seen in a supervised visit. She has a big bruise in the middle of her back. She has sores in her mouth. Her gums are blood red. She has a sore or cut on her lower lip.

She cried when given a sip of apple juice because of the pain.

The social worker said, "She should not be in daycare right now. She is sick." (One daycare won't take her because of the blood laced diarrhea... the other one does.)

Lisa screamed when the visit was over and the social worker tried to get her into the car. So, the relative had to get her to the car. Lisa cried "hysterically" when the social worker tried to put the seat belt on the same relative had to buckle her into the seat.

I called the governor's office again. YES, YOU PEOPLE ON THE ETHICS BOARD....I AM TRYING TO HELP SOMEONE!!

We can only hope the mouth sores are not from sexual abuse.

This family had two very positive in-home studies (one with the grandparents and one with an aunt/uncle). There was never ANY accusation of abuse by the teen mother. In a time of budget deficits I have no idea how much money could be saved by having DSHS follow the law. They should place with biological relatives first.

"Get the child into the system and then crush them [the family]" Quote from a colleague in the Senate.

Crush the good families financially and emotionally, and then take their children.

Just think of all the money that could be saved to help kids who are really in need.

Posted by Pam Roach at 3:02 PM

Source: Pam Roach blog for November 25, 2008