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Lisa/Alexis is Seriously Ill

November 18, 2008 permalink

The girl identified as Lisa by senator Pam Roach, and Alexis on a blog, has a serious illness, yet her real family is forcibly kept away from her. To induce the court to move toward termination of parental rights, CPS brought in evidence of a blog, (probably Save Alexis Now), claiming without evidence the mother wrote it. If you are not outraged by the senator's report, read the reply from Lisa's grandpa. It is a pattern we have seen before. When an outsider advocates on behalf of a child, shut up the advocate by harming the child.



Judge Recommends Termination Based On False Information

Today, Judge Catherine Schafer, in King County Superior Court declared Lisa's mother to be unfit. The reason was a blog (not mine) that has been exposing the CASA and the system. Apparently, the judge was told that the 19-year-old mother had written the blog. Someone must have lied to the judge because the mother did not write the blog.

Apparently, if you are the state or the one has to prove anything to a judge. All you have to do is say something and it becomes fact. I will assume that the mother's court appointed attorney stated that her client did not write a blog at all. But, without proof, the judge apparently (I was not there) decided that someone was writing a nasty blog and that it must be the teen mother. And, the writing of a blog proved the mother to be unfit.

So, the mother is accused of writing a blog that said bad things (at least someone thought the bad things were true) about the CASA and the state. She did not write the blog (neither did I, for the record) but because the judge thought the teen mother had written it....she was declared unfit. Writing a mean blog meant she was unfit to be a mother! I guess the judge thought the mother must be angry, or something.

However, the foster adopt did not like me writing this blog and in anger...filed an ethics complaint against me demanding that I stop writing. So...she is mean and angry and stupid and gets to keep the child that is not hers.

The state attorneys were seen laughing as they left the courtroom.

Posted by Pam Roach at 11:41 PM

Update On Lisa

Our little three-year- old heroine is now back at the foster adopt's house. She is still very ill. She has a protruding intestine due to rotavirus and persistent diarrhea.

I understand the daycare is not too happy that CPS did not tell them that one of the little playmates has a highly contagious illness.

The mother is not allowed to visit her sick daughter and give her comfort.

In fact, the mother has had a great deal of trouble in that department. She was directed to find a place where both she and her child could over-night together. That was a very good sign. But, the mother could not find a "residence" that was set up for overnight stays that would take her. The reason for that was because the mother did not have the child. The judge blamed the 19 year-old mother for this.

Why wasn't she just allowed to have visits with her child at the home of the grandparents? This situation defies any reason at all.

By the way...the in-home studies for the grandparents and the aunt/uncle have expired. The relatives are not allowed to re-submit their applications without a request from CPS. So...if you are don't tell the judge the studies exist, let them expire, and then just don't ask for a new one.

The department makes small and insignificant motions so they can say they want to reunify...but just look at their behavior. I learned a long time ago you don't listen to what someone look at what they do. The likely outcome of activity tells you what the real goals are.

I actually talked with David Davilar Fox of the department a few weeks ago when things were looking positive.

Fox said, "We were never going to terminate in this case."

Me: "Oh really, then why did you shove termination papers before the judge even before the hearing was held? And, why do you push for termination in EVERY court proceeding?"

Fox: "Oh, that doesn't mean anything." him it obviously doesn't.

Posted by Pam Roach at 11:35 AM

Anonymous said...

Dear Pam, I am the papa of little Lisa. First off, on behalf of the family and myself, We would TRUELY like to thank you for your support in our family crisis. You will forever be in our hearts and prayers. We only wished their were more people like you representing the people of Washington state! We have found out this morning that our grandaughter has had such bad diahrea for so long that she has a protruding colan! We also found out just before walking into the courtroom yesterday that she was in Childrens hospital. Our grandaughter was diagnosed with this virus 10 days ago! but the foster mother left her in daycare and chose not to tell them what she had. It was our daughter who notified the daycare this morning of the virus. This is a highly contagious and even deadly virus. We find this to be just an outrage! The judge didn't even care to hear about little Lisa's condition, she was more outraged that the casa quit and of a web site about our grandaughter! And of course that anger was directed directly at our daughter and us. Sorry to say, on behalf of our daughter and our entire family, we had nothing to do with the web site. I have alot more to say about this, and I will at a later time. Meantime, Thank you for your support! For the Ethics committee, you should focus yourselves on the problem at hand and not the messenger that brings it to light! And last but not least, the taxpayers of Washington. As a taxpayer myself there is alot of OUR money being wasted to destroy OUR FAMILIES! and it needs to stop! So PLEASE! speak up and be heard. Thank you, and God bless!

Source: Pam Roach blog for November 17 and 18, 2008

get well card for Lisa/Alexis