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Remembering Dee

November 2, 2008 permalink

A memorial and advocacy site has been created for Dee Montag, a twenty-year-old mother driven to suicide by the actions of children's aid. A letter from Jane Scharf to the Coroner gives biographical details. It looks like the same woman identified as Laura Lee (Dee) Doupe in our September 15 news item. While Minister of Children and Youth Services Deb Matthews gives speeches fighting poverty, this case shows what the agencies she administers really do to poor people.

Addendum: Six years later, a report on Dee's surviving child from Dee's sister, the girl's aunt:



Jay Dee

Okay.. I don't come here nearly as much as I should and I'm an admin.. I know I'm terrible.. this time.. I need some help...errr advice..preferably from Neil Haskett or Pat Niagara

My sister passed away 3 years ago and at the time of her death my mother had custody of my niece already so naturally when my sister passed.. my niece stayed in the care of my mother. During this time she's been in all kinds of therapy and has been seeing doctors and has assistants that help my mom and my niece with the loss of my sister. Some of this I think is needed some I think is definitely not needed. (and is used for other reasons I can't get in to publicly) .. my niece was also put on various meds that I have BEGGED my mother to take her off..

Today, I was informed that this team of doctors and the CAS is trying to talk my mom in to placing her in foster care that treats troubled children. She told me that they said she can see my niece any time she wants (I tried to tell her that's likely a lie.. once she signs good luck seeing her)

I've also told my mom since my sister died that if she ever needed me to take my neice I would .. in a heartbeat.

I told her that I would take her.. I said I could come this week if she wanted.. she told me they wouldn't let me.. I asked who "they" was and she said "the team" .. I don't believe my niece needs this team.. or psych doctors or counselors or all these meds... I think she needs her family and love.. it's obvious my mom can't handle her because she's getting older and doesn't really take care of herself all that well either. I want to give her a life of love and family.. free of idiot psych doctors and useless meds.. my niece isn't a guinea pig.. and I don't want her life ruined.. I think we all know how this will play out if this happens.. the cycle of life in the system.So... any suggestions about how to go about this.. my head is full of ideas.. I just want to see if any match mine.. I just want to be smart and go with the best approach.

Source: Facebook, Stop the CAS ...