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Lisa/Alexis Starved

December 15, 2008 permalink

Do you get a good feeling when you drop an item in a food bank? It doesn't seem to get to foster kids. According to reporter/senator Pam Roach the foster girl under her watch is starving. In sixteen months she gained only 2.5 pounds. CPS does not tell the judge about her meager diet. As far as the court knows, Lisa/Alexis is safe.



Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Lisa's Medical Records Show Neglect and Possible Abuse

No surprises here. According to medical reports little "Lisa" has gained only 2 1/2 pounds in the 16 months that CPS has had her in foster "care." This is absolutely appalling! And, they try to hide it from the court. Apparently, neither judge has the medical records!

I had one person wonder out loud if CPS is starving the girl to keep her listed as special needs. I think there is more pay that goes out to everyone involved if that is the case.

I had a few computer problems last night and will have to wait to blog about the report. Not as a teaser...but let's just say the doctor suggests the bruises could mean abuse.


I asked Mary Meinig about the altered email wherein the childcare worker asked Lisa how she got her black eye. The email that I saw had the question put to the child and the answer was redacted. Meinig says she couldn't find the original email. It is there Mary....use your substantial powers to order it! Go to Childhaven and tell the supervisor you want that original email. It was an email sent to CPS BEFORE it went to the mother! Someone altered the email to protect the person named by the girl. Could that have been the social worker, S. B.? Did she alter the email before it was washed and sent out? How many other people in CPS have seen the email? Has Mr. Fox seen it? The supervisor admits the email was altered. Try again, Mary. The little girl is frail and not thriving under CPS control. Go find that email, Mary. You have the power. Let's open up government and see who is being protected. There is a "played with" email and a little girl who has only gained 2 1/2 pounds in 16 months. The fact that you have not found that original email only tells me there are some very relieved social workers.

Posted by Pam Roach at 1:04 PM

Source: Pam Roach blog for December 15, 2008