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Mother Punished

December 11, 2008 permalink

In New Brunswick caring for your own child is a serious offense. For taking her eight-year-old son for two days, a mother has been sentenced to 22 months, including 12 months house arrest, psychological reeducation and mandatory mind-altering drugs.



NB woman abducts child and avoids jail time

December 09, 2008 - 3:59 pm, By: Rebecca Davis, News 91.9 Staff

MONCTON, NB-After she abducted her 8 year old child from the custody of protective services in September, a Shemogue, New Brunswick, woman has been handed a strict conditional sentence.

Today, Judge Irwin Lampert said he wasn't satisfied that it was the appropriate sentence, but wasn't sure there was a better one, when he agreed to a joint sentencing recommendation of a strict 22 month conditional sentence, of which 12 months will be served on house arrest.

A day after the woman abducted her child in late September, she was found in a Turtle Creek area home, where she kept police at bay for over 24 hours.

She was eventually arrested, and the child was taken back into custody.

Today at her sentencing hearing, Judge Lampert repeatedly told the woman it was crucial that she take her medication for a psychological condition, and continue psychological counselling.

The woman said she understood.

Source: News 91.9 Moncton