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Grape Expectations Rally

October 27, 2008 permalink

Here are reports on the two phases of the Grape Expectations protest.



Part One Protest Number 1 Family Court House

Gestapo agents in Canada are children's aid

On October 27, 2008 at 10am our group members Swayze, Mary and Ed marched down King Street to the Hamilton Family Court house at 55 Main Street West to protest the corruption of Children’s Aid Society and the Family Court system in Hamilton. We were joined by members of Canada Court Watch, members of the general public and even children were present at the protest. We had our trusty bullhorn that Swayze pulled out and blared out at the top of her lungs.

We had a great time talking to people and strangers that were walking on Main Street in Hamilton and they all shared their stories of the horrors of Children’s Aid in Hamilton and Ontario. We had coffee together and weathered the wind and possible rain that was hanging in the clouds, but the sun remained shining. We held signs, and held a common bond that Children’s Aid Society must be held accountable for their actions and there is corruption within the Family Court system in Hamilton and Ontario.

People signed petitions for Ombudsman oversight of Children’s Aid Society and Andrea Horwath’s private member Bill 93. The police were respectful to us today and came out and say we couldn’t trespass on court property (questionable and this will be verified, as we are taxpayers of this city/province) and we had to get off their steps and pillars and remain on the sidewalk as long as we kept moving up and down Main Street.

It was a successful pep rally to our evening rally which will be taking place this evening at 6pm. We will arrive early at Carmen’s Banquet Center at 1520 Stonechurch Road Hamilton, ON at 5:30pm. Stay tuned for Part 2 Carmen’s Protest.

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Part Two Protest Number 2 Carmen’s our 4th year anniversary

Children's aid society destroys families

Grape Expectations Protest

It rained in the afternoon and we waited patiently for it to stop and stopped at the nearest store to grab rain ponchos and materials just in case the wind blew in another storm for the evening. Signs were done up, music was pumping in the background and we were getting ready for Part 2 of our day’s protest against the Children's Aid Society. We got a call from one of the protesters that got there early that there were two police cruisers on site with 4 police officers. They were waiting for us to arrive and start a commotion?

We picked up our protesters on route to Carmen’s Banquet Center and arrived onsite at 6pm. Carmen’s Banquet Center was packed with cars and people going into the Gala Event. Limousines drove in and out throughout the evening and the place was packed with Children's Aid Society supporters.

When we arrived there were other protesters there. Some we had seen in the morning, and others that were there for just the evening protest.

A mother and her three children held a sign that said: CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY DESTROYS FAMILIES. Swayze pulled out the trusty bullhorn and started speaking the truths on the Children’s Aid Society and the Family Court System.

We were there in unison as a group for approximately ½ hour or so.

At this point in time a Representative of Carmen’s and two police officers showed up and stated to us all that because they had authority over the roadway, the street and the boulevard and the parking lot of Carmen’s that we would have to move our protest across the street, on Anchor Road which is off of Stonechurch Road. We were welcome to protest on that side of the street and it was our legal right to do so. If we were on Carmen’s property we would be technically be charged with Trespassing on private property. We complied with their request and moved our crew of protesters across the street. They failed to realize that the property across that they sent us to across the street is owned by Carmen’s. The pizzeria was closed for the evening so we continued to protest and shout out our protest of the fundraiser across the street.

We raised a few eyebrows, stayed in line without injuring or hurting our protesters and had a great time socializing and hanging with the crowd. The police did tours every 15 minutes to ensure safety of the parking lot and to keep an eye on us.

Ed videotaped the event. I took still pictures and walked amongst our group and up and down the boulevard from Stonechurch Road to Anchor Road. It was getting dark real fast, and it was getting cold.

As it was off the beaten path of Hamilton in the outskirts we felt it was time to pack it in and get ready to go home. The mother and her three children stopped by Carmen’s before going home to use the washroom facilities and the mother stated that she was told by the Carmen’s representative that she had put him in a bad position and that because she had walked on Carmen’s property she would be charged with Trespassing. She left willingly and instead of creating too much of an incident with the police or Carmen’s the crowd at the protest dissipated and we all said our goodbyes and went home.

We had a successful event at this 4th year event. As the location had changed from LIUNA at James Street Hamilton, ON to Carmen’s Banquet Center at 1520 Stonechurch Road we were in unfamiliar territory. Every year we make an effort and make a dent in the Children’s Aid Society fundraiser. We showed up and next year we will get stronger. Every year we get stronger and every year we meet new people.

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Source: Mary Janiga blog entries for October 27, 2008