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Inside Child Protector's Home

September 27, 2008 permalink

In April Texas CPS seized hundreds of children from the FLDS in Eldorado Texas, all returned to their parents on order of the Texas Supreme Court two months later. So far just one, Teresa Jeffs, daughter of jailed FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, has been returned to foster care. Natalie Malonis is the lawyer for Teresa Jeffs, though the girl objects and wants a new lawyer. A website favorable to the FLDS has posted an affidavit giving an inside view of the home of Natalie Malonis.



CAUSE NO.324-263343-98

BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared TIFFANY ANASTASIA SAGER, who, being by me duly sworn, made the following statements and swore that they were true:

“My name is TIFFANY ANASTASIA SAGER, and I am above the age of eighteen (18) years and am competent and able to testify to all of the facts and allegations contained herein, and that the same are true and correct.


“I have baby sat for Malonis’ children since the fall of 1998. I answered an ad through the TCU career center. I was a student at TCU at the time. The ad was placed by Mary and Ed Malonis, Dr. John Malonis’ parents. Dr.Malonis attended a Dallas Stars game. I started baby sitting on an “as needed” basis. For approximately 6 months I would sit for the boys when Dr.Malonis was called to the hospital or had other plans. I met Natalie, the children’s mother and Dr.Malonis’ ex-wife, in the spring of 1999 when I was picking up the children from school. She had been at the school attending the boy’s Easter party.

After Natalie and I met, I began sitting for her as well. For a period of about 5 months Natalie and John were both using me as their baby sitter. I was keeping the nearly boys full time and attending college full time. I contacted John and advised him that I was unable to continue caring for the boy’s full time. After a while Natalie begin to use me again because she had a disagreement with another sitter for the children. Natalie and I developed a friendship. I have witnessed Natalie and her husband, Doug, yelling and cussing at each other. In early 1999 I overheard Doug yelling at Natalie because he had found illegal drugs in their house he was upset because she was doing drugs in their house, I left the kids and took them to Dr.Malonis. I have witnessed Natalie and Doug fighting at least 15 times. The children witnessed all of these fights. Most of the fights were over her having a babysitter while she was at home and because she was lazy. On at least 15 occasions I was called by Natalie to remove the kids from her house because she and her husband were fighting. I would keep the boys at my condo or I would take them to their father’s if he was available. When Natalie and Doug would be fighting the boys were always hysterical and very upset. They would be crying and were very emotionally disturbed and were ready to leave the house. The boys have told me that they were fighting because Doug was upset because their rooms and house was a mess. I have witnessed the boys being physically dirty having not bathed in at least 3 days, having no food in the house. Every time I sit for the boys at Natalie’s house I have to feed the boys. I either order pizza or go pick up fast food because there is no food in the house. I have asked them to take a bath and Natalie tells them they do not have to bathe. In October 2002 Natalie called me at approximately 10:00 p.m. at night and asked me to come over. I went. She told me that the police had been there and the boys were upset. I ended up spending the night with them that night because the children were so upset. I slept in one of the boy’s beds and the boy’s slept on the floor in the game room. The next time I was there Natalie asked me to go buy them a movie because she felt bad and she wanted to make them feel better.

I have witnessed the boys sleeping on the floor in Natalie’s room with dog feces and urine. Natalie will not clean up the dog urine and feces. She leaves it for her maid to clean up and the maid only comes once a week. The boys have complained to me about stepping in the feces and that their mom will not clean up after the dog.

Doug has told me that Natalie does nothing all day she will not pick up the kids from school and she will not cook. She refuses to grocery shop and she will not clean. I have been at Natalie’s house when they had no toilet paper and she would refuse to go to the store to buy some. Natalie’s house is disgusting. The trash is overflowing and there are dirty cloths lying all over the house.

In October 2002 I had some dental work done. My doctor, Dr. Barkis prescribed me as antibiotic and Hydrocodone (7.5mg) for pain, due to an infection. Natalie asked me repeatedly about my medication and if she could have the Hydrocodone because she hurt her back riding a 4 wheeler. She had been prescribed Hydrocodone by her physician and he refused to refill her prescription because he could not see any reason for her to be in pain. I reluctantly gave her approximately 3-5 tablets. I later found out that she had gone to the Eckerd Drug store on While Settlement Road at least 4 times and refilled my prescription. She did not give the refills to me. She signed my name and her name I am in the process of obtaining those records for Eckerd’s.

On at least 3 occasions when I was unable to baby sit for the boys for Natalie she sent me to buy Benadry1. She told me that she gave it to the boys so they would “pass out” so she could work on her divorce. I witnessed her giving it to the boys. She routinely gives the boys Paxil and Tylenol. She claims the boys are sick all the time. They miss school many times and more so since Natalie and Doug have separated.

“It is my opinion based on my own personal experience when Natalie has the boys they are neglected. Natalie has a gun and leaves all her medication out in the open. The gun is kept unlocked in her night drawer. She does not supervise them at all. I am very concerned about the boy’s safety when they are with their mother. Natalie’s medication sedates her to a point that she is not capable of caring for the boys.

Source: Free the FLDS Children