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Saving Kids from Junk Science

September 16, 2008 permalink

A conference in Las Vegas starting this Thursday, September 18, will assemble experts on defending families. The defense is against the combined efforts of the medical and child protection systems.



Child Sex Abuse, Shaken Baby, Burns, Breaks and Bruises: One-Stop Op for Answers

LAS VEGAS – A one-of-its-kind faculty of experts provides scientific explanations for apparent child abuse or neglect at the National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center’s 14th International Conference starting early Thursday (Sept. 18).

“Infant Death from a Medical Examiners Perspective,” “Federalizing Sexual Deviance,” “Syndromes, Signs and Disorders: The Misuse of Expertise,” “Vaccine Injuries,” “Denials, Delayed Disclosures, Indicator Testimony: Controversial Issues,” and “The Duty to Investigate” are among listed titles for riveting presentations.

Never abused children, especially those ill with discoverable but ignored conditions, are traumatized by removals from families who ran afoul of a professional who misunderstood or used a report to child protection units to silence a persistent problem sometimes to cut costs for the state or an insurance company.

When long known protocols for investigating child molestation claims are not used—taping every interview with the alleged victim child and others believed to be connected, for example—innocents accused may wind up behind bars and labeled for life.

Once courts became the arbiters of science—accepting the decades old baseless theory of Munchausen Sydrome by Proxy and ignoring objective science illuminating “Shaken Baby Syndrome”—and courts refused to demand the whole truth, justice joined never abused children and falsely accused parents called perps in a downward spiral.

Topics on the Conference agenda deal with unexplained fractures, medical sexual abuse, burns and bruises, the ethics of child sex abuse cases as well as memory distortions vs. intentional deceit, psychological tests in court, limitations of mental health evaluations and suggestibility of children among others.

Attorneys, public defenders and professionals attending earn ethics hours as they meet and talk with experts before and after presentations at Rivera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas at 2901 Las Vegas Blvd., South. Contact the front desk (702-734-5110) to page Todd James of NCADRC to register for all or part of the 14th International Conference. Details at click on Conference.

NCADRC is unique among groups seeking to shed light on mistaken or malicious allegations of child abuse or neglect in focusing on science and objective evidence to tell the whole story, often not revealed after draconian measures have been taken. Those measures include never harmed children being removed and adopted out of the family.

As an education and referral resource, NCADRC remains unique in its tireless efforts to ensure defenders of the falsely accused gain access to known science. Its national office in Toledo, Ohio and phone number is 419-865-0513.

Kimberly Hart
Executive Director
National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center
Holland, OH
Phone : 419-865-0513
Fax : 419-865-0526

Other experts on these topics:

1. Family Violence
2. Child Protection Racket
3. Adoption/Paper Orphans
4. Child Abuse/False Claim
5. Child Sex Abuse
6. Child Support/ Instant
7. Divorce Weapon/Abuse
8. False Allegations
9. Foster Care Abuses
10. Munchausen Proxy Myth
11. Shaken Baby Science
12. SIDS/Genetic Errors
13. Vaccine/Drug Reactions

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Source: Kim Hart/Barbara Bryan