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No Secret Courts

October 9, 2008 permalink

A new campaign has started to get as many people as possible to wear a T shirt, or button, proclaiming "OPEN UP THE SECRET FAMILY COURTS" on December 1, 2008. Several persons have signed up on the original appeal page (expand it below) and more have signed up on Facebook. There is also an upbeat promotional video on YouTube, with a local copy (flv).




No secret court

"I will wear a T Shirt with the message "OPEN UP THE SECRET FAMILY COURTS" for one day on 1st December 2008 but only if 50 other people will do the same."

— Zoompad, from Staffordshire (contact)

Deadline to sign up by: 30th November 2008

More details

I will wear a home made T shirt which has these words on it, "OPEN UP THE SECRET FAMILY COURTS" on 1st December 2008. I will wear this shirt as I go about my ordinary everyday business for the whole day. I would like to invite other people to do the same, and take photo's of themselves wearing these shirts. Be as creative as you like! If you have a dog, why not make one for Fodo as well? A horse? Why not make a horse blanket and ride round your town? Car sticker? Good idea! Massive big hat? Great idea! Let's get our message heard by everyone, we do not want secret courts any more, they are destroying too many families.

Source: PledgeBank