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CPS Defies Court

October 23, 2008 permalink

Senator Pam Roach is becoming our favorite reporter. In the case she has been following of Lisa/Alexis, the judge ruled against termination of parental rights on October 22. It looked like good news. Sorry, the easy part of litigating against child protectors is getting a judge to rule in your favor. The hard part is getting child protectors to respect the judge's ruling. Below read what CPS did after the judge ruled in favor of the family.



CPS Seeking Revenge....And Moving Quickly...

So today, after the court decision...the family met. This was the first time the grandparents, the mother, and the little girl have been together as a family in 10 months!

An unknown social worker "supervised" the visit. Never before has this happened...the social worker whipped out a computer and typed as fast as she could to write down every bit of the conversation going on within the family unit! This is absolutely outrageous! It is so hurtful! This invasion of privacy is absolutely an outrage.

CPS is baiting the family. They want one of them to get mad so they can report them as being bad relatives. I would have been plenty mad! CPS is incompetent (ie: the 14 year old weighting 47 lbs who asked to be taken from her home and was told to stay in the family, etc) and vindictive as hell.

Question: Who ordered this surveillance? Why is this little girl still in the foster home? Why is she not with relatives? I know why CPS does not follow the law. They want the child. Still....even after the judge flat out said this child is to be reunified with the family....they work against it. They are evil to the marrow of their bones.

For six hours I was at rest from this evil wrongdoing. Six whole hours. They remind me of the silver know.... In the movie Terminator he was the silver cyborg dressed as a policeman. You thought you melted the bastard down and then he rose again to do evil. Yep. That is what they are like. Not all...but certainly the ones I have seen in action.

One former CPS worker called them "fascist." However you see it. It is not good.

Posted by Pam Roach at 9:23 PM

Source: Pam Roach blog entry for October 22, 2008

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