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Senator Reports on Child Removal Case

October 20, 2008 permalink

Pam Roach is an elected state senator in the state of Washington, a Republican representing a suburban district between Seattle and Tacoma. On her blog she has been following the case of a girl she calls Lisa, now about three years old. Born to a mother with a past drug problem, the girl was raised by her maternal grandparents. Things went well until the state child protectors got involved. Today the girl is in the care of a foster mother with even more problems than the real mother. The state is sparing no expense to get the girl legally separated from the natural family and adopted by the foster mother. Their tactics include concealing evidence from the court, and altering records. Aside from the presence of a senator as reporter, this is a completely ordinary child protection case that has occurred many times before in both the US and Canada. Mrs Roach has been the subject of legal retribution by the foster mother, but as a state senator she is able to speak a bit more freely than any journalist. You can read the story on her blog, the Pam Roach Report, starting with the entry for August 26, 2008.

Another website, Save Alexis Now!, not affiliated with the senator, gives a more militant version of the story, with real names. The girl is Alexis and the foster mother is Linda Gallez.