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Stop the War on Fatherhood

September 27, 2008 permalink

After four years of inaction, Fathers-4-Justice sprang to life in the USA. Spiderman and Superman climbed a crane in Ohio. You can watch the incident on YouTube or our local copy. Below we have the YouTube blurb and the F4J press release.




Added: September 27, 2008

Raw video of F4J Spiderman and Superman on top of a 100 ft boom crane in front of 100,000 Ohio State and Minnisota football fans. Hanging is a 40 foot banner that was hauled up the crane in the middle of the night without incedent.

The mobile police headquarters was unknowing set up under the crane while the superheros hid on a platform to wait until the crowd below grew from large to huge.

Source: YouTube

September 27, 2008

For Immediate Release

Fathers 4 Justice USA superheroes, Superman and Spiderman will stay the night atop crane at Ohio State University

In true F4J fashion, the superhero pair of Spiderman and Superman are preparing to stay the night atop a 100' crane on the Ohio State University Campus after over 15 hours hanging tough.

The earlier police presence has lifted leaving the duo under the watchful eye of campus security. Several local media outlets are reported to have covered the incident.

" Their spirits are good," says John Fowler, National Coordinator for F4J Fathers 4 Justice US. " They know of the overwhelming support coming from across the country and across the border in Canada."

"This is obviously quite a different response than the huge police overreactions we've seen here in Toronto," says Kris Titus, National Coordinator of F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada who was recently arrested while overseeing a non violent direct crane action. " This is like watching the calvary roll in and it's boosted the resolve of our activists here in Canada to finish the job."

A special communique is planned for all F4J Fathers 4 Justice international leaders.

Contact Info F4J USA:
John Fowler
National Coordinator
Tel: (614) 309-5572
f4jnational at
For more information go to:

Contact Info F4J Canada
Kris Titus
National Coordinator
Tel: (888) 345-2262 ext. 704
officefathers4justicecanada at
For more information go to:
National Action website:

Source: email from Kris Titus

Stop the War on Fatherhood