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Dangerous Granny

July 25, 2008 permalink

Eighty-two-year-old Betty Robinson has been barred from taking pictures of an empty pool in Southampton England. You just can't be too safe when it comes to protecting children from pedophiles.



Betty Robinson
Photo ban ... Betty Robinson

Betty's 'perv' rap over pool pictures

By JAMIE PYATT, Published: 24 Jul 2008

A WIDOW aged 82 was ordered by an official to stop taking photos of a deserted paddling pool — because of fears she was a PAEDOPHILE.

Betty Robinson and pal Brenda Bennett, 69, went to a common to shoot some pictures.

But as Betty pointed her lens at an empty fenced-off paddling pool a female council official stormed out of her hut and demanded she stop.

Betty, who has been taking photos in the park in Southampton, Hants, for decades, said: “She told us those were the rules to protect children.

“To me, this was bureaucracy gone mad.

“I just thought it would make a jolly nice picture.

“There were no children in the pool but she pointed to boys in the distance and said we could come back when the park was closed.

“We are just a couple of old ladies, we are certainly not paedophiles. I couldn’t even see the children she referred to.”

Brenda, also of Southampton, said: “It’s over the top. We’ve been coming here for years.”

City council bosses have apologised and said staff would be told to use their discretion.

Source: The Sun (UK)

dangerous granny