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Facebook Defaced

July 24, 2008 permalink

Chris Carter reports that his Facebook account, containing stories about children's aid, was deleted in June. Now who would do a thing like that? Below is his email to a discussion group on the incident, copied with his permission.

As for the question ending the email, we have heard of many attempts by CAS to get rid of internet criticism, some after legal action, as with Cathy Norris, some by direct threat to an ISP or site owners without legal action. We have not previously heard of vigilantism. Our suggestions for keeping material on the internet are: use a paid service, use a service outside of Canada (or your home country), keep a backup copy and keep your password safe.



Hi John.

Chris Carter here. I just wanted to share some information with the group. I'm on facebook. I have been using my facebook page to record various facts/incidents'/CAS worker actions/CFSRB Hearings etc...I used strong negative language to describe my feelings towards CAS Waterloo region but I stated facts/documented truths. Anyway sometime in early June I logged onto my page and all of the info had been deleted. I contacted facebook and they formally and officially informed me that:

  1. they did not remove the material 'mini-stories' themselves
  2. they had changed my password
  3. I should contact my local police service and/or a lawyer and have them contact facebook's legal dept.

I printed out the emails facebook and I exchanged and brought them into the Waterloo Regional Police Service's Division 2. Detectives Howard Mark and Melinda Kuzyck interviewed me, accepted the material and promised to look into it. I've asked for updates a couple of times since then. Nothing so far. I'm visiting them today to press for an update. I'll let you know what happened.

Have you ever heard of a CAS taking action against an individual or group like that which occurred to me?


Chris Carter

Source: email from Chris Carter, July 24, 2008

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