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FOCASD Recruits Members

July 16, 2008 permalink

FOCASD has issued a poster recruiting members. You can see the original poster (1.3 megabytes jpg) or read our html version below.




Families in Ontario are crying out for help in dealing with Children's Aid Society's standard practice of submitting false and misleading evidence to family courts in this province and in fact across this country.

The number of families destroyed, and damaged continues to grow at an alarming rate, yet at this point there is little that Families can do about what is happening to them.

The complaints process in place to deal with complaints against Children's Aid Society is practically ineffective in providing any resolve for families that have been wronged. Children's Aid Society management and their legal offices have managed to manoeuver into place people that will use all of their efforts to dispell any complaint against Children's Aid Societies, regardless of weather Children's Aid Society broke the law, caused damages, or acted improperly.

Children's Aid Societies spend a great deal of money trying to prevent recordings of any kind that will show the truth in how they operate. Any attempt to record a CAS worker or staff member will immediately be met with resistance and lies. Information gathered by Children's Aid Society investigations is automatically and deliberately interpreted in a manner supporting Children's Aid Society's view, and interpreted in a manner that paints the parents or parent in the worst light possible. Children's Aid Societies will delete, ignore, hide, and manipulate any evidence that show the parents or parent in a positive light.

Even when required by law to fully and completely disclose all CAS files for legal examination, CAS agencies will delay turning over the files, ignore court orders, hide files, file information, and residential files. Then when they have no choice but to turn over the files they provide incomplete copies, illegible copies and lie and say some of the files don't exist. When children are taken into custody CAS immediately works to reduce contact with the parent, family members and friends, regardless of whether the child is at risk or not. When more then one child is apprehended by CAS the CAS will immediately separate them if they show any signs of exposing CAS wrong doings or band together to protect themselves from abuse and control in CAS care.

Quite simply Children's Aid Society's have lost sight of their purpose, and has grown into an enormous Cog that financially feeds and manipulates and industry that exploits our most precious resource, Our beloved children.

FOCASD is gathering people and compiling a contact list in order to create a pool of people that at certain times are available and willing to come out and protest such people as Doctors and other in the medical field that write falsified reports to serve CAS needs, Lawyers that secretly help CAS efforts and fail to adequately represent clients fighting CAS lies and manipulations, and anyone else that provides falsified reports, documents or evidence that support CAS lies. Canadian children and families will continue to be damaged and destroyed by Children's Aid Societies lies and greed unless we band together and fight back against this monster called The Children's Aid Society. Join the rapidly growing list of families fighting back for what's right.

To join FOCASD or get further information or if you need immediate information and help with CAS problems Contact me at 905 462 1462 or email

Source: email from FOCASD, July 16, 2008