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Baby Grabbed Prenatally

July 10, 2008 permalink

Several crimes have been in the news in which a woman attacks a pregnant woman, tearing the fetus from the womb and claiming it as her own baby. Mary Janiga reports on a case in which children's aid is performing the same act, though possibly under more sanitary conditions. We follow that with an email from Rob Ferguson, describing a similar case, quite possibly the same one.



Wednesday, July 09, 2008

family update and children's aid society

A mother and father of an unborn child, came to us in good faith on May 27, 2008 to ask us to assist them with baby clothes, toys, and extras needed to help bring a baby home and into this world. We have offered advice and support and watched their pregnancy with concern for the mother and her unborn child. The Children’s Aid Society of Brantford had its concerns and wanted the family to prove that they had what was needed and equipped for the baby. We provided to the best of our ability the comforts needed for the baby to come home.

The parents were wary of the Brantford CAS and they were concerned over the apprehension of their baby. June 28th was their due date. This day came and went. Concerns of health of the mother and baby and the concerns of the Children’s Aid Society weighed heavily on the father’s mind. They decided to wait for a natural child birth without evasive inductions and clinical analysis. They met with the Children’s Aid Society in their home and mental health forms and other relevant materials signed earlier in the week. Unfortunately they did not get copies of these forms. Contractions started for the mother at 1 hour apart and this continued for 24 hours on June [misprint for July] 8th, 2008.

At approximately 2:40pm on July 9, 2008 the Brantford Police Services apprehended the mother and her unborn child under the guise and warrant of the Brantford Children’s Aid Society. The baby will be delivered by induction, at a Brantford area hospital. This is all the information that I have to inform you all about, but I will keep you all up dated as to what will happen with this family and their unborn child.

Posted by maryjaniga at 3:28 PM

Source: Mary Janiga blog for July 9, 2008

a sad and proud day sort of

Date sent: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 04:37:09 -0400

This morning I awoke at about 10 am by the pounding or hard knocking at my front door. I went to the door and answered it and to my surprise the Brant CAS represented by two workers. The workers tried to intimidate me into information and tried to imply that my wife and I were hiding something. Just because we wanted a natural birth does not mean we neglect anything. The workers left and a few hours later I spoke to our covering doctor for delivery of the baby. The doctor and I made an agreement that we could do a natural birth but the doctor wanted to run some final test so drop by on the 10th anytime at her office and she would complete them. About 25 minutes later another loud knock at my front door. I went to the overlooking window to see what was going on. A Brantford police officer looked up at me and demanded I come and speak to him. I then went to the door as I opened it the officer came into my home to "apprehend" my wife under some mental health act. The CAS staff member was there and I asked what the reasonable grounds were or at least what this was all about. The CAS staff member then stated that Brant CAS was acting on a report that my wife and I were planning to kill our unborn son. I said what. The CAS and police said we were refusing medical service for the baby. Keeping in mind that I just spoke to the doctor on the case less then a half and hour ago. I asked for a written statement from the cas of the complaint, they of course didn't not bring it. I refused to allow CAS in my home and instructed the officers if he did I would consider him trespassing. The officer then went upstairs to where my sleeping pregnant wife was and woke her up by yelling at her. I told the officer he could be a bit nicer about this situation. The officers then escorted me and my wife out of our home in front of 20 neighbors. Placing my cryng and afraid wife in one police car while the other officer offered to give me a ride to hospital. Upon arrival at hospital I made it clear that I wanted paper work on this which I never received. After a few hours in the labor room under police guard I asked the officer again what his grounds were. He said to clear my wife mental and physically. Within minutes mental health workers cleared my wife of any illness. The officer said now it comes down to the doctor. I replied that this is Canada and the government should not be allowed to walk into ones home kidnapped the parents and the force a birth. The doctor on call then confirmed that infact I had made arrangements with the doctor to deliver our son. The attending doctor spoke to a hospital social worker and the advised us that it would be in the best interests of our son if born today since we were there anyways. My wife and I agreed and so our son’s birth was set. The primary officer as stood in the labor room made comment after I asked a few questions the he would arrest me for interfering with an investigation. The questions I asked he were since my wife was cleared mentally and never had a problem who made this complaint? Then I asked what his grounds were again. Then I asked if he had ever donated to CAS? The hospital the discharged the officers from the scene as the primary officer left he asked where's rob and the approached me and said it will be difficult to leave the hospital with all the hundreds of court watchers outside. This was considered by everyone in the room including nurses as intimidation. I made no comment. After several hours of labour our son was brought into this world at 145 am at 7 pounds 10 ounces. Remember CAS this is our son and we choose to raise him, love him, provide for him and he is not for sale. I know cas will include this in statement so Ill conclude by saying I have disclosed all information to you all protection concerns simply do not exists so me my son and my wife do not need your help and ask our courts and government for relief from this agency. Please allow us to just be a family in peace.

Source: email from Rob Ferguson