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Police Remove Girl

July 3, 2008 permalink

A video posted to YouTube yesterday shows the Barrie Gestapo deporting a child... Sorry. It shows Barrie child protectors rescuing a girl, Natalie.

This scene is repeated many times daily in Ontario though few are caught on video tape. Below we include the blurb accompanying the YouTube posting, and an abridged comment from Canada Court Watch, who had direct contact with the family. They point out that incidents such as this are educating a generation to disrespect law enforcement, with severe implications for Canada's future.

You can view the video Child dragged away by police on command of CAS on YouTube, or since this one will probably disappear quickly, our local copy (flv, 6 megabytes) or high quality copy (flv, 16 megabytes).



Added: July 02, 2008

My 12 year old cousin was taken by CAS. She was being raised by her grandparents. Last year her grandfather was killed in a car crash. She was having emotional problems. She lied one day and said her grandmother hit her. The CAS had the police take her with no investigation done at all. She later admitted she lied and the CAS didn't care. Today she ran from them and came to my house. The CAS worker came to take her back with some cops. 2 cops dragged her away kicking and screaming. The whole time the CAS worker just stood there with a smirk on her face. By the time the 12 year old was shoved in the back of the cop car, there were 6 other cop cars on my street. All for a 12 YEAR OLD GIRL! who only wanted to go home to her family. The woman in the black pants and jacket, pink shirt is a Simcoe County CAS worker. First name is Nicole

Reign of terror in Barrie, Ontario as police terrorize girl and her family as part of police goon squad assistance to Children's Aid to "serve and protect" children and members of the public.

(July 3, 2008) A video posted on Youtube shows graphically how our tax dollars are being spent by police and child protection workers in the Barrie, Ontario region, to supposedly "protect" children from harm by forcing children to return to the care of the Children's Aid Society. If anyone wonders why a growing number of children and families in the community are beginning to hate the police and the CAS, this video shows graphic reasons why.

Source: Canada Court Watch news entry for July 3, 2008

CAS worker Nicole
CAS worker Nicole wearing black

Addendum: In eleven days on YouTube the video has attracted 2689 views, 113 text comments and four video responses. Below is a message posted to facebook giving more details on the family, copied with permission of the author.



Melody Blackier (Barrie, ON) replied to Nikki's post on Jul 11, 2008 at 9:30 PM

She is my cousin, and she is 12. She was taken because she lied about her grandma hitting her. She lost her grandfather, who with her grandmother raised her from the time she was 6 months old. Last year her grandfather died after a transport truck hit his car. Its been a tough year for everyone and she was having emotional problems. So one day she was nor getting her own way and she told someone her grandma hit her. So she was taken and her grandmother was charged. no investigation was done at all. The CAS worker, Lorrie Pepin took the word of a sad little girl and ruined everyone's life. The next day the worker and the police asked the grandmother and other granddaughter, 13 years old to come on for an "interview". That is when the grandmother was informed that she was charged with assault and the other granddaughter was told she would never see grandma again. So she tried to get away from the police, and screamed out for her grandmother. It was at that moment that 4 Barrie OPP officer jumped her and took her down to the ground like a common criminal. After 5 minutes of forcefully holding her down and hurting her they let her go home with her grandma.

The day that video was shot was the first time the two sisters had seen each other in months. The younger one said she wanted to go home so they ran from the worker and went to their aunt and uncles house. They had a nice visit until the police and the worker showed up. Thats when the video kicks in. Since that day the girl has been completely cut off from her family. The older sister was informed that the only place she could see her sister now is in the CAS office. But as you can imagine the 13 year old who was assaulted by 4 officers because the CAS demanded it is too afraid to go.

Source: Facebook

Addendum: As of July 21 the video was removed by the owner, on threat from CAS. It got almost 4000 views on YouTube. Our local copy (flv, 6 megabytes) is the only remaining source.