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Child Assist Services

May 28, 2008 permalink

Protecting families from children's aid involves more than protests. Here is a report from Mary Janiga on assistance to a family under threat from CAS. We are not sure CAS will keep their promise to the family, but if they do not, Mary will tell us.



Childrens Aid Society strikes again

But the Child Assist Services is there to save the day.

May 27, 2008

Swayze, Chad, Mary and Ed travelled the highway and we were to arrive at our destination at approximately 8:00pm. We drank Tim Horton’s coffee not knowing what to expect when we got there. All we knew is we were helping a family in need of baby items, and things needed for a couple to bring a baby home and into this world. We had a stroller, a baby car seat, a rocking bassinette, lots of baby formula (5 Cans), sleepers, one piece undershirts, (onesies) more then we could count, a playpen, 2 bags of diapers, baby blankets, receiving blankets, t-shirts, hats and socks, running shoes, sandals, bumper pads and Mickey mouse blanket set and probably things that I forgot. We arrived just before dusk, and we got to their home. They were overwhelmed and very thankful for our gifts to them. We all talked outside at the van, and we respected their privacy and did not want to invade their home, so we just hung out and talked of the struggles that people come into contact when dealing with the Children’s Aid Societies of this country.

The Child Assist Services made the effort to help this family and their anonymity is the key in any family matter so we will respect their privacy. Children’s Aid Society promised to let them keep this child if they could show that they have everything needed for a baby in the home. We will see if Children’s Aid Society is going to make good on that promise and not destroy another family in the process. The mother ready to give birth any day through induction, and the father devoted to his wife and family took the first step to ask for help and we were there to assist in such a small way. We told them if they needed any further assistance do not hesitate to call us anytime.

Again a group of three made a glimmer of hope seem possible for a family in need. We are hoping that through this effort we can help many more families in crises and need of our assistance. Families need our support.

Children’s Aid Societies of this Province of Ontario get millions of dollars to provide assistance to families, but they do not assist the family they remove the child. They do not assist the family in what they need in the family home to keep the child they assist them by destroying what little they have left intact.

We received donations of cash, clothing, formula and other goods from members of our community and we are thankful for all the contributions that were given to this family.

If all we help is one family we have made a difference.

Posted by maryjaniga at 6:50 PM

Source: Mary Janiga blog entry for May 27, 2008