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Experience with Pugsley

May 26, 2008 permalink

We earlier reported Bruce Pugsley's remarks on an unfair procedure in family court. Here is the experience of one Dufferin victim, using screen name Bulldog.




Location: Burlington Ont.

Posted: Sun May 25, 2008 12:54 am

Interesting story now here's my story.

One year on Dec 13 my ex-wife tried to concoct a story that I assaulted her. The police didn't believe her and no charges were laid. Even her lawyer tried to convince the police but the police did not lay a charge (probably because it never happened). Four months later when I was after two years successful in getting a custody trial date set I get a knock at my door and was arrested for assault four months afterwards. The police came in and said her lawyer demanded charges be laid, and they had no choice. I have my ex-wife's testimony from that trial she says that because the custody trial was set her lawyer told her it was time to get tough with Mr. ....... me. Wanna know what her lawyers name was???

Gillian Shute was fired by me for having unauthorized meetings with David Thwaites resulting in her undermining agreements we made just before the meeting occurred. In less than six months I managed to get custody of my daughter without a lawyer and David Thwaites quit being my ex's lawyer People if you need a lawyer and live in Orangeville you'd best get one from another city. They are all in cahoots in Orangeville. I would be happy to chat with anyone that would like to hear more in-depth details. Email me. (through the forum)

PS Bruce Pugsley was a Dufferin county Children's Aid lawyer and if anyone goes before him for a CAS matter they should apply to have him disqualified for conflict of interest and have a different judge appointed.

Source: Canada Court Watch public forum

We concur with the assessment of the Dufferin bar.

Several clients told us in the past that Bruce Pugsley seduced them by expostulating on how much he hated children's aid. He did not disclose to them that when the regular CAS lawyer, then David Thwaites, had a conflict of interest, Bruce Pugsley acted on behalf of children's aid.

In spite of the chicanery, we take the recent statement by Bruce Pugsley at face value. He is using his position to correct unfair treatment of parents that he has seen repeatedly during his career, and maybe even committed himself. He drew attention to a mother victim, Alison Shaw, because that is more likely to generate reform than a wronged father.