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Father Found

May 11, 2008 permalink

We have posted so many items originated by John Dunn that he is nearly part of the Dufferin VOCA family. Today Mr Dunn spoke to his father for the first time.



I just wanted to blast this out there and will expand on it later! I'm in too good of a state of shock to type much now.

I just talked to my birthfather for the first time and it was awsome! He said he tried to find me too thinking I was in Nova Scotia etc, but he remembered my mom (1969) and he remembered going to the CCAS in 1972 when an ad in the paper from the CCAS was seeking him (to which he was unable to take care of my brother and I)...

We are going to meet this summer and have a beer, shoot the shit and swap photos!

I just happened to call his parents today (have known about them for a while using Canada 411) and he answered! He sounded as if he almost teared up at first when I mentioned who I was, and he said "that's me!" (about himself)

Ok, I am atta here, but will write more later... yahoo!


John Dunn
Executive DirectorThe Foster Care Council of Canada

Source: email from John Dunn, May 11, 2008

Addendum: In June John met his father, grandmother and aunt in Sudbury Ontario. He posted photos, which we have tuned to best show the faces.



John Dunn with father
John Dunn when he met his Dad for the first time Sudbury, Ontario, June 2008
John Dunn with grandmother, aunt and father
John Dunn meeting his Grandmother, Aunt, and Dad in Sudbury, Ontario, June 2008

Source: Picasaweb