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WECAS Secret Society

June 8, 2008 permalink

Yvonne Craig has applied for membership in the Children's Aid Society of Windsor/Essex. Her efforts have been stonewalled with the same effect as the efforts of John Dunn. There is no real prospect that she will become a member, or even find out the time and place of purportedly open meetings.



Hi John,

Here's a little breakdown of the "deal" with WECAS membership (some information is repetitive). April 1st/2008 I filled out the application form and supporting affidavits, with an enclosure in the form of a cheque "for a reasonable amount", as per the instructions I received in file attachments on applying for society membership.

April 14th/2008 I attempted to "personally" serve the packet containing all of the aforementioned paperwork, on a person within the Society offices, after the confusion and runaround of trying to ascertain "whom" it's supposed to go to. I'd made phone calls before arriving in an attempt at determination of "whom" Society membership applications would go to. Even after being "in the building", it was quite a chore for reception to locate anyone who had any idea what to do with me or the inquiry I was making. Then the man who presented himself (Roberto I think???) wasn't sure what to do and "thought it best" that I retain the "package of papers" til I'd communicated with Lana McDowell AGAIN, and arrange to come into Windsor on a separate occasion to deliver the packet of papers.

I returned to Windsor the following week, April 21st/2008, for multiple business appointments, one of which included a meeting with my daughter's CAS worker and her supervisor. Upon conclusion of this meeting, I again addressed "Society membership interests", serviced Ms. Eilleen Imeson (Jeimy Esquavel's supervisor) with the package of papers. Ms. Imeson assured that it would get to the "correct" person, who it was my mutual understanding would be Lana McDowell. Since that time, I have received nothing indicating I've been "initiated" as a Society member. The cheque enclosed remains "uncashed". I've made a minimum of two follow-up calls since regarding instatement of membership, when it MAY be forthcoming, and to try and get information on the date, time, and location of monthly WECAS membership meetings. The only person who's achieved some success in attaining this information from WECAS is Mr. John Dunn of the afterfostercare council in Ottawa.

I, today (Sunday, June 8th/2008) phoned and left a message for Lana McDowell AGAIN querying the "uncashed cheque", lack of information/response about society membership. I clearly stated the minimal detail I've attained through yourself, John Dunn of the afterfostercare council in Ottawa, that it's explicitly clear in the Act that general membership meetings are open to the public, but after several inquiries and follow-up calls you've attained more information than myself, yet I'm an interested person of the local community, and further the lack of a definitive date and time, other than the "general" knowledge I currently possess about their meetings. I said that I look forward to hearing back from her. Very pleasant, concise. Even though I feel it's all utterly ridiculous. This will make four phone inquiries, two personal inquiries, and a minimum of three follow-up calls inside of 8-12 weeks. RIDICULOUS.


Source: email from Yvonne Craig to John Dunn, copied with permission