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CAS Survivor

June 21, 2008 permalink

Mike Conn posted an experience to a public board. The experiences of CAS survivors may be one of the best hopes for reform.




Location: Brantford

Posted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 1:33 pm

subject: At Church Today

My wife was telling me at church today they had a person there that was in foster care and his life was ruined by the Children's Aid. If it was not for the Church and farmers that cared, he would not have survived. He is now wanting to expose the life he has had under the care of the CAS and start helping others that had their life ruined by the CAS. He has been helping out other survivors that have aged out of the CAS and left on the streets with nothing for several years. So the Church is now going to see about helping the people left homeless by the CAS and hopefully other churches will join in. It was a real eye opener to the Church members on how destructive the CAS really is.

Source: Canada Court Watch forum