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Dumbrill Wants CAS Clients

June 10, 2008 permalink

John Dunn alerts us to a message at the end of Gary Dumbrill's homepage (expand it below) and adds: "This guy is legitimate. He teaches Anti-Oppressive Social Work".

This is a chance to tell your story to someone who will listen, and has the kind of authority that can change the future direction of social work in Ontario.



CAS service users' research notice

The project “Building Service Users' Knowledge: Understanding Child Protection Services from the Receiving End” is now in its final stages. If you are a parent living in Ontario who has received services from a Children’s Aid Society (CAS) and you have something to say about the best ways parents can work with CASs, please contact me for details about how to take part.

Dr. Gary Dumbrill
McMaster University
School of Social Work


Source: Gary Dumbrill