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Ottawa Event in July

May 3, 2008 permalink

A man using the screen name Bulldog is planning an event in Ottawa in July to draw attention to the mess in family law.




Location: Burlington Ont.
Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 12:54 pm

All too often I see more talk then anything.

Now I'm going to take the first step, but I'm going to need the support of all of you that are serious about doing something significant. NO BS'ers

I am gathering names of people committed to a protest at Parliament hill.

Our lobby group is called F.O.C.A.S.D Families Opposed to Children's Aid Societies Deceit.

I know that predominantly this is a provincial matter but Ottawa is the Canadian Capital the center of Canada where laws are made and treaties are broken.

I want the whole of Canada to see the damage agencies like CAS are doing to Canadian Families and their children.

In July I'll be pitching a tent on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to force the Federal government to change the laws to make agencies like the CAS more accountable.

Email me if you want to be a part of history it will be fun and we'll be able to vent in a manner that get the most response.

Everyone has enough time to plan for this event in July between July 5th and the 19th. Come for a day, come for a few days, or come for the whole event. From here we plan protests in cities across the country.

It's a process people we need to get it started, people who are truly passionate about this can do it.

So if you’re tired of not being able to do a damned thing join me and a few others that have already committed to helping me make this work.

Let’s make July of every year the month we protest against agency’s like the CAS and others that harm our kids and families.

We will work with those that don't have a ride, or need other things as best we can.

Contact me at and help me gather the strength we have in our numbers

I will be posting this post in several forums on this site.


Source: Canada Court Watch forum, private message published with permission