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No Refuge for Mothers

March 20, 2008 permalink

An English woman, Emily Burgess, feared losing her baby on pretense of protection and fled to Ireland to give birth. It did not help. She went into labor on Monday and by Tuesday the courts and police completed the process of taking the baby.



Wexford People

Wednesday March 19 2008

A NEWBORN baby boy has been taken from his mother by Wexford Gardaí amid concern for his welfare.

Emily Burgess (32), from the Great Yarmouth area of England, gave birth to her sixth child at Wexford General Hospital last week, but the healthy infant was taken away from her by the Gardaí.

Ms. Burgess fled her home to have her child in secret in Ireland as she feared that the baby would be taken away from her when born in England.

The Wexford Gardaí quickly became aware of where Ms. Burgess was staying following her arrival here and were informed when she went into labour last Monday.

The Garda spokesman said they maintained a presence in the hospital throughout the birth, but were mindful of both the mother and child's welfare and the sensitive nature of the situation.

On Tuesday morning an emergency care order under Section 12 of the Childcare Act was granted enabling the Gardaí to take the child. It was then taken into care by the HSE.

Source: Wexford People