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Dead Babies Wanted

April 3, 2008 permalink

According to Erika Klein a journalist, Nicole Brewster of the CBC's Fifth Estate, is looking for victims of the dead baby scam, either as mother or child. If you are a mother who was falsely told that your baby had died, or a child whose mother was so deceived, get in touch with Nicole Brewster at the address below.



Thursday, April 03, 2008

"Dead" Baby Scam

**please circulate**

One of the producers of the Fifth Estate, Nicole Brewster, is looking for victims of the "dead" baby scam.

For those who don't know about "dead" baby scams, here is what happened.

Some mothers and fathers were told that their baby had died at or shortly after birth. They were not allowed to see their children's bodies.

Some parents are now finding out that their babies did not die.It seems that some "dead" babies were put up for adoption without the parents knowledge, never mind consent.

A number of these "dead" babies are now very alive adopted adults who are finding their parents and are shocked to find out how they ended up for adoption.

Bribes were taken/paid in a number of cases.

Anyway, if you are a victim of such a scam (whether you are a parent or an adoptee), or have information about this, Nicole would like to hear from you for the Fifth Estate program.

Nicole Brewster-Mercury
Associate Producer CBC Television-fifth estate
(416) 205-6637

Source: Erika Klein blog entry for April 3, 2008