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One Kilo-Death

April 27, 2008 permalink

Last Wednesday 22-month-old Quavarius Vaughn fell into a pool and drowned. He was with foster parents who intended to adopt him. This unremarkable incident appears here only because with this death, our list of children dying after being "protected" from their parents has reached a thousand. From here on we can measure the impact of child protection in kilo-deaths. And remember, 19 of every 20 deaths in foster care never get into the press, and so never get on our list.



Toddler Drowns In Family Pool

Reported by: Daisy O'Donnell,
Reported by: Gerran Thomas, Last Update: 4/25 8:11 am

Quavarius Vaughn
“The only reason I'm coming on TV right now is to warn other parents to be careful."

A two-year-old falls into a family pool and drowns. Now his father grieves as he shares his story of loss.

“I can't even explain how my heart feels. It's like an elephant standing on my chest right now,” said Anthony Skinner.

Just before 8 pm Wednesday night, the toddler fell into a backyard pool just a few feet away from where his brothers and sisters were playing.

This tragic happened in rural Massac County at a home on Unionville road between Brookport and Unionville. 22-month old Quavarius Vaughn was rushed to Western Baptist Hospital where he died two hours later.

Anthony Skinner, Quavarius’ father, is a man with a big heart who has lost an even bigger part of his world. Skinner is a father of seven, Quavarius was one of two childred he adopted. He’s telling us his story so it doesn't happen to your family.

"I lost a lot in my life, but this? This is the worst thing I ever lost,’ said Skinner.

Gone forever are the laughing eyes of Skinner's foster son, 22-month old Quavarius.

“You could tell him something one time and he'd repeat it. You introduce someone to him, and he'd remember their name. That's like a genius to me,” said Skinner.

Quavarius was lost beneath the murky water of a swimming pool at the home. With a heavy heart, Anthony says it's painful for him to remember what happened Wednesday.

“It was getting dark, I had just seen him. It was like 10 minutes and I asked where he was,” said Skinner.

Anthony's children were playing softball near a swing set. Within a matter of minutes, little Quavarius was missing. His nephew, Cody, found him unconscious in the pool.

“My daughter, Destiny, she jumped in there and got him. She didn't panic or nothing, jumped right in there,” said Skinner.

But it was too late. Now all Anthony Skinner can do is make sure this never happens to another family.

“The only reason I'm coming on TV right now is to warn other parents to be careful,” said Skinner.

Because even if you didn't know this precious boy or the father who loved him, everyone knows someone just like him.

“I'll have my good cry. I know I will. It will hit me. But right now, I'm just strong," said Skinner.

Quavarius' father says he's done all the crying he can and he knows he's going to experience many more tears for a lifetime.

Skinner wants people to come see his family and children, to support him in a time when he needs them the most. He’s encouraging people for their prayers and words of support during this difficult time.

Skinner also tells us funeral arrangements have not been made for his child.

Source: WPSD News channel 6