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Ministerial Stealth

February 11, 2008 permalink

Ontario's new Minister of Children and Youth Services, Deb Matthews, has reversed the style of her two predecessors, Marie Bountrogianni and Mary Anne Chambers. In all of her press releases she has appeared in her other roles as minister responsible for women's issues and chairman of the cabinet committee on poverty reduction. None have mentioned the child protection portfolio. In an even more stealthy move, Judy Finlay was replaced as Ontario's child advocate on August 15, 2007 by Agnes Samler, yet as far as the web is concerned, Judy Finlay is still in office. There is an unannounced page for the new advocate, Agnes Samler, though Firefox users have to bypass the splash page and go to the English greeting page instead.

There may be some policy changes afoot. We hope the new low-profile leadership will lead to less aggressive stealing of children, and more efforts to preserve families.