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Girl Taught Sex

February 14, 2008 permalink

City News has reported the real reason the parents of Alana Livas abducted their five-year-old girl from the children's aid society. She had been taught sexual activity while under CAS care.

Two weeks ago there was a flurry of articles on Alana in the press, one copied below. There were pleas from the foster parent, actually Alana's maternal aunt Jean Chin, to protect the girl by returning her where she could get treatment for rickets. Examination of the aunt's website discloses that she is alienated from Alana's parents. Look at the uncomplimentary photos for mom and dad. So far no basis for alienation has been published.

Our research into rickets found that vitamin D has a half-life in the body of two months. Press reports at the end of November said Alana had a vitamin D deficiency at the time. The February 1 story said her stored supply of vitamin D was running out, exposing her to danger from rickets. These two stories cannot both be correct. More likely the girl had the same supply of vitamin D as any other girl of Asian descent, a bit low, but not pathological.

A reader reported hearing the Alana Livas story on the CBC this morning. There may be a repeat on the CBC this evening.

If children's aid or the police find this family, the parents will be jailed and the girl will be sent back to her abuser. This is a case where the only safe option for the family is to leave Canada.



Peter and Vivenne Livas with daughter Alana

Parents Of Abducted Ailing Girl Say They Acted Over Signs Of Sexual Abuse

Thursday February 14, 2008, Staff

The story of an abducted little girl with serious health problems has taken a strange and disturbing twist. Her parents have surfaced and claim they had good reasons for taking the child away.

Alana Livas was removed from her parent's home by the Children's Aid Society last year, when case workers alleged she was being neglected and there was evidence that a marijuana grow-op was operating out of their home.

She was turned over to her aunt, who helped treat the girl for rickets, a disease caused by a vitamin deficiency.

But when her folks got access to a CAS report on the child, they were startled. It apparently told them the caretaker aunt saw the child acting out sexually and her parents later saw her supposedly moving in a 'sensual way' during a scheduled visit. It was something they feared the five-year-old couldn't possibly have done innocently.

They say they called police but were referred back to Children's Aid.

When nothing was done, Peter and Vivenne Livas claim they were forced to take action. In an email to a local media outlet, the couple says they decided to abduct the youngster because they believed she was in harm's way and no one was taking their concerns seriously. All three disappearaed on November 29, 2007.

Authorities issued an urgent update about the case at the end of January, because Alana's medication had run out and no one knew if her mother and father were able to get her the treatment she desperately needs for her condition.

Cops now say they need to talk to the youngster to see if there's any truth to the abuse implications and who might have done something to her.

An arrest warrant is out for both parents, who remain at large. Investigators contend they're still in Canada but no one is certain where they may be hiding or what their daughter's current condition is.

Source: City News

Aunt pleading for return of girl with vitamin ailment

Jean Chin almost broke into tears yesterday as she implored the public for help in bringing her 5-year-old niece, who suffers from rickets, a potentially life-threatening disease, home safely.

Describing Alana Livas as "easy to love," smart and "amazing," Chin, 22, said she's worried about the little girl, who could become seriously ill if she isn't taken to hospital or brought home soon.

Livas was living with Chin and her fiancé Derek when she was allegedly abducted by her parents, Vivene and Peter Livas, last November, during a visit supervised by the Children's Aid Society.

"It breaks my heart my heart to think of her in pain," Chin said at a press conference yesterday. "We hope someone out there is watching this and can help bring her home."

If untreated, rickets, a chronic deficiency of bone calcium and vitamin D, could cause severe bone pain, growth impairment, muscle weakness and affect heart function.

Livas, who was taken from her parents' custody last March after she was found living in an alleged marijuana grow-op, had a two-month store of vitamins in her system to shield against symptoms of the disease.

Police are worried she isn't getting proper treatment.

Police believe Livas and her parents are still in Canada; they are looking for a light blue GMC Jimmy.

But with few leads to follow, they're pleading with the public for any tips on her whereabouts.

"If her parents are out there," Chin said, "I'd like for them to please bring her to a hospital. I want them to think of Alana and what's best for her."

Source: Toronto Star

Addendum: The source of today's stories is a report by Michelle Cheung on CBC TV. The reporter's voice tells the family story over home videos dated 2003 to 2006 of the Livas family showing Alana playing like a normal child. There is no sign of deficient bones. The girl was taken into CAS care in March 2007 after a diagnosis of rickets. Alana was placed in foster care until the end of July, then with Alana's aunt, Vivene's alienated sister Jean Chin and her boyfriend. In mid-September the parents received over two dozen pages of CAS documents in which Chin describes Alana acting out in a sexual manner. Chin said she suspects the parents may have been inappropriate with the girl. Parents Peter and Vivene Livas were shocked by the reports, but the behaviors were confirmed during visits with Alana. In written notes provided to the CBC Alana said monsters scare her every day and she places toys in sexual positions and moves her body in a sexual manner. Complaints by the Livases to both children's aid and the Toronto police fell on deaf ears. Since the parents took Alana they have been giving her regular calcium and vitamin D supplements. Here is a video link to the news report by Michelle Cheung (expired link). The Alana Livas story runs from 2:38 to 5:35.