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Place of Safety

January 22, 2008 permalink

A parent using the screen name Bulldog, describing himself as an auto worker in Burlington, has posted an account of his daughter's experiences in what CAS calls a place of safety. It is anything but.




Location: Burlington Ont.

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 10:55 pm

Subject: The Devil You Say

Some strongly believe that the devil's greatest achievement was to convince most people he doesn't exist.

CAS is much the same in that they have most people convinced the work they do is good.

Also somebody should ask this Constance Guglielmo why is it that the only information that CAS is ever interested in gathering supports their argument, and any information that sheds a good light on the parent they oppose is ignored, or covered up?

With all the resources the CAS has they could not in 100 days find a single positive thing to say about me. For ten years I have raised both my girls alone. My youngest the one they kidnapped is a solid B student not a single blemish on her record. Works part time to pay her way, never touched drugs or alcohol, never been investigated by police, or been involved in any kind of violence or crime. I would say her record should in some little way reflect what kind of parent i have been.

Mind you in that same 100 days CAS claims to have taken her to a place of safety, where she was robbed and assaulted in the home, exposed to violent kids, kids with mental issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, mutilation(cutting), denied access to friends family, assaulted by CAS worker and CAS lawyer, and had property valued at over $300.00 stolen by the foster mother and given to another foster child.

CAS has subjected my daughter to more violence, drug and alcohol abuses, lies, deceit, in 10 weeks then she has ever experienced in her whole life combined with me.

Yes I'm sure CAS has good reason to take my daughter from me. Good God if this is good work what could bad work mean?(sarcastic)

Source: Canada Court Watch message board