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Santa Thwarted

January 18, 2008 permalink

A father recounts his experience with children's aid, having his efforts to give his daughter Christmas gifts thwarted by CAS workers. He was finally able to send the gifts to her on January tenth, though experience with the Easter Grinch and other cases suggests the gifts are in danger of theft before reaching his daughter. In spite of the distress inflicted on his own family he generously offers to help others in need. The message was posted to a private forum and is duplicated here with the author's permission.



Got over Christmas finally!!!

Tuesday January 15, 2008 2:54 pm (PST)

I am a father that has been wrong done by the CAS and do not want sympathy or prayers for me but feel free to do so for my daughter who is the one in my situation that needs to have support. I think about my daughter on a daily basis and wonder if she is alright and think of how I can bring to light how the social services have sabotaged our lives. I have the proof that they have done just that but don't know how to get it back into court. I continue on looking and won't stop until my daughter is returned to me. I just had the CAS pick up my daughter's Christmas presents on the 10th of January and she might not get them for another week. Merry Christmas to her hunh?? I received their letter as to her shoe and clothes size on the 19th of December, a day before the CAS office closed for the season. Nice timing seeing as how they had three months before hand to get the information. Once again this is to be used to prove me a bad father. If you can't remember to send presents on time how do you expect to take care of a child, right? I may sound bitter and rightfully so. I have been enduring this treatment for four years and thankfully with the people I have around me I have been able to have the strength to carry on without them getting under my skin. You all know who you are so when you read this message give yourself a pat on the back because without you and a few others that might not read this post I wouldn't have the mindset to continue with the battle for my daughter.

For those of you out there that do not know me the best advice I can give you is surround yourself with spiritually powerful friends. Now I am not talking about priests or pastors but people that have the energy to pick you up and dust you off and get you going on the right path again because trust me I haven't reached the end of the road but the road I have travelled so far I couldn't have done with out those people.

Secondly do not muddle the truth, it will make you look like a liar and make CAS look like a silk purse instead of the sows ear that it is! Tell the truth in a time line then you will improve your credibility and not confuse the issues at hand for your children.

And last but not least save every scrap of paper that the CAS gives you it is the best way to prove their lies and create a better time line.

I hope this post helps any one going through this living hell it is all I have to offer that and an ear if you need it later.

— a father that wants his daughter back

Source: fathers-can Yahoo group