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Foster Mom Burns Boy

January 10, 2008 permalink

In this story, we have to read between the lines. A woman burned a three-year-old boy's hands, and the story says she cannot be named to protect the identity of the youngster. In Ontario, it is legal to mention the name of a boy and his mother, so this must be a child protection case. We infer that a foster mom burned the boy's hands. This is another way that a law purportedly for the protection of a child really shields wrongdoing by child protectors.



Charges laid after boy's hands dipped into pot of boiling water

A 22-year-old Belleville woman is facing criminal charges after a three-year-old boy sustained serious burns when his hands were dipped into a pot of boiling water late last year.

The incident occurred on Oct. 16 in the kitchen of a west-end home, said investigating officer Det. Peter Goulah, who added police were contacted after the child was sent to Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto on Oct. 22 for treatment.

"The investigation revealed the child's hands were immersed in a pot of boiling water," Goulah said.

Following a two-month investigation involving the police Criminal Investigations Unit and experts from the hospital's burn unit, the woman was arrested on a single charge of aggravated assault earlier this week.

The woman's name was withheld because her relationship to the child could identify the youngster, Goulah said.

"I'm sorry, but I can't get into who it was - it was a non-custodial, non-biological parent."

The woman, who was released from custody, is due to appear on Feb. 7 to face the charge.

Meanwhile, more than two months after the incident, the child is still receiving treatment from the Hospital for Sick Children.

"Doctors are saying the burns are severe enough that he is going to require extensive physiotherapy probably until he is about 18 years of age," Goulah said.

"He's got a long road ahead of him, but under the circumstances he's doing remarkably well, especially considering what he's been through."

Source: Belleville Intelligencer
with thanks to an alert reader who spotted it as a foster care story

Addendum: A follow-up gives the name of the offending woman.



Walk for Justice in Belleville Next Weekend

Posted on Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

The mother of a Belleville boy whose hands were placed in a pot of boiling water nearly two years ago is still wondering…where the Justice is? Tina Reddom has organized a Where’s The Justice walk this Saturday to draw awareness to the lack of justice in her son Damon’s case and many other child abuse cases. The father’s girlfriend placed Damon’s hands in the pot of boiing water at a west-end Belleville apartment in October 2007. She was sentenced to 18-months of house arrest. The “Walk for Justice” leaves Belleville City Hall on Saturday and winds up at the Children’s Aid Society offices on Dundas Street West.

Source: MIX-97