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Toddler Snatched

February 7, 2008 permalink

A parent in Austin Texas posted a child protection story on the website of TV station KWTX. It is typical of the single mom case, with the twist that the parent here is a single father, Larry Lewis. Problems began when he took a photograph of himself shirtless holding his baby girl.



CPS Abuses of Power Harms Child

Reporter: Larry Lewis
Email Address:

I have a story that is intriguing enough to be a movie. It involves CPS "Child Protective Services" and how they are in the business of ruining father's lives. I would have never believed it had I not be caught up in an investigation by them due to false allegations from a very disturbed woman with bipolar disorder. I simply did not want to date this woman, so she calls CPS and files false claims against me. This woman is currently being investigated for a homicide and there is another possible homicide in which she may be involved. Her father has been declared missing. She alleges that he molested her as a child. She indicates that they were on a scuba diving trip and he "never came back up". That might happen, but not that often and it seems suspicious if not scary to me. CPS cared nothing of that, they just sought to destroy me because they had an easy target — a father.

Oddly enough the allegation of inappropriate behavior on my part stems from a cherished photograph I keep on my refrigerator. It is of my and my little girl who was just a tiny infant at the time and was wearing her little onesie. The photo was of us two cheek to cheek smiling happily as I took the picture of us from above while our heads were on a pillow. I wasn't wearing a shirt. The very disturbed woman commented on how cute the photo was when she came into my house uninvited, but bearing gifts. I said, "Oh yeah, I sure miss when Alyssa was so little and used to fall asleep on my chest". Oh boy, CPS didn't like that, they would like to think they have a child molester on their hands. The woman and CPS have ruined my life in so many ways. If you read any of Stephen Baskerville books, you will find the horrors and atrocities that CPS (DCC in some states) is legally able to commit. They are extreme and very gestapo-like. There is nobody to watch over them and that is why I am coming to you. I have seen your very capable investigative reporters tackle some big entities and think that perhaps you would be a good person to look into my case and CPS in general. I realize that most media are on a very friendly basis with this business that alleges they are in business to protect kids, but if a station has guts to protect citizens against their kids being taken away unjustly, then I would commend them.

My accuser is a former paramedic (license revoked) who has a history of turning people into authorities whether it is CPS or the Police. She proudly tells of finding a car accident victim in the front seat and still breathing with his eyes open. She deemed him un-savable and thus covered his mouth so as to keep him from breathing. She feels quite justified in snuffing this poor soul's life out of him with not even giving the ER a shot at saving his life. She feels quite justified in ruining my life as well since she could not be the mother of my existing little girl. Get this, the woman had been pregnant at one point in her life and the baby was due on Nov. 2 which happens to be my little girl's birthday. She truly believed my daughter was her dead baby reincarnated.

I am not allowed visits with my daughter unless they are supervised and have had only short visits since this ludicrous non-sense began in November of 2007. How many more months must this go on before a very innocent little girl (she is four years old now) is reunited with her very innocent daddy?

There are many more mind-blowing aspects to this sad story in which I think would get a rise out of you viewers. We're looking at legalized kidnapping, a possible homicide and big-time corruption. If you are interested in discussing this possible story/investigation, please contact me. I would gladly help expose a very gender-biased organization into divulging the truths if it meant that they were put in their place and my daughter was finally returned to me. Oh yes, you’ll be very perplexed at the fact that I am also banned by CPS for telling my little girl the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Larry Lewis

Larry Lewis with Alyssa

Source: KWTX Waco Texas