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Landlord Rants

February 2, 2008 permalink

An Ontario landlord, who knows at least as much about his tenants as the CAS, reports on the failures of child protection over a thirty year period.



CAS and the job they do

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Date: 2008-02-02, 5:31PM EST

I am a long time landlord with half a dozen rental properties. Over the past thirty years I have come across six occasions where I felt CAS intervention was needed. I was in a much better position to see what was going on than they. My experience with CAS was totally negative. Not once did their intake respond to my concerns. On the two worst situations I finally called the police and they right away whisked the young ones out and took them to CAS themselves. When I attempted to get an update from CAS they gave me nothing, citing some regulation. No worry, I called the PD and got it from them.

On the other hand, I have seen couples I know that were both good parents and their children well cared for but when they got into a bitter divorce, let me tell you the CAS was in there like greased lightning when a phony allegation was made by the mother. Here, where they weren't needed, they were gung ho with supervised visits, renewed six month periods and the whole nine yards. All they did in these situations was create problems for the kids.

And yes, CAS cases do get bumped in the courts in favour of defendants in custody. I have been there as a witness and seen it quite a few times.

There is lots to worry about in the running of the CAS in my experience. The last time I was involved, an officer told me that there was no data base to check if there had been abuse allegations in other counties involving the same parties. It seems the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing.

There needs to be a wholesale overhaul all thru The Family Court system. Don't get me going on custody and support orders!

Source: Craigs list, pointed out by a VOCA reader