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Mom Loses Kids

February 20, 2008 permalink

Today's story taken from an internet posting is a typical case of the scenario we call divorce continuation. The parents were already divorced when children's aid intervened. Here they applied their favorite remedy, taking kids from the parent who had been awarded custody by the family court and giving them to the other parent. The judge was unhappy with children's aid? They don't care.



Children's Aid Society

child protection???

Silent_No_More by Silent_No_More on Feb. 20, 2008 at 01:32pm

I used to think that the Children's Aid Society was an organization that was there to help families and protect children. I'd often hear about children being removed from their parent's care and people would often say "I can't believe so and so's child was taken" and I would think to myself and often say to people, "The Children's Aid doesn't take children without a reason"

I was so naive.

The past few months of my life isn't much different from a bad dream, a book or even a movie for that matter. It's very surreal.

An accident happened at my home and I explained to my child's teacher what happened.. little did I know that would cause the Children's Aid to ambush my house with a police officer in tow. They interrogated and intimidated my family. In their affidavit they state that they requested me to sign a consent when in fact what happened is they threatened me to sign the consent stating if I didn't they were taking my children.

I know what happened in my home, they do not. They came in my house accusing and not listening. The following day they removed my children because I didn't agree with them on what they thought happened.

Since this event occurred I have spent thousands of dollars trying to get my family back. The CAS has lied to my face, in affidavits and in court. Research I have done has showed me that this is all common practice and is them undermining me as they sent my 2 older children to my ex husband knowing we are in a custody dispute and knowing that he practices Parental Alienation. They excuse his behaviour and they excuse theirs.

I witnessed a judge in court tell the CAS that they have no case, everything is hearsay and they did no investigation. I heard with my own ears that the judge isn't satisfied they took the least intrusive action. So did the CAS admit their mistake? NO. that is unheard of research has showed me that too.

They claim everything they do is in the best interest of the children. I have yet to see that. My children have been traumatized, brainwashed, separated from each other all because someone decided to go on a power trip.

I recently learned that the government funds this agency based on how many children are in care and how many files are open. I'm sure that explains the rise in cases that the CAS handles. I've also learned Ontario, Canada is one of the few places with out a legislative body that governs the CAS, I guess that explains also why Ontario has the highest apprehension rates.

I'll be silent no more. I will expose this agency one post at a time.

Source: posting to website by an Ontario woman with screen name Silent_No_More