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CAS Employee Finds Corruption

November 30, 2007 permalink

A temporary employee of CAS has found corruption within the agency, and does not know what to do with his information. He does not want to communicate with anyone that has their own agenda, making it unlikely that anybody will listen. No one in the CAS chain of command, right up to the Minister of Children and Youth Services, will do anything but kill the messenger. The Ontario press is neutered, and will ignore the matter. Only the internet offers a medium for exposing scandals. Broadening his audience to those with an agenda would allow him to talk to Hamilton East MPP Andrea Horwath, Canada Court Watch or Dufferin VOCA.



screen name: Shocked&Disillusioned

Re: Children's Aid Society Corruption

Nov 26, 2007 7:56 AM

Ok, first off I would like to say I have NO children and no personal dealings with any of the social workers at CAS.

I always assumed that the CAS was a great organization and thanked God that they were out there saving children and families, I felt that they had right on their side.

After working at one of their offices, I was disgusted. (No, I am not a disgruntled employee, I was given an end date before I started, left on good terms and have a letter of recommendation).

After having intimate knowledge of their data base, employee records and finances, I discovered some shocking information. I feel guilt ridden, but I am bound by confidentiality agreements. I don't know where to turn.

The information I have in no way reflects upon any individual case or child but believe me, it's corruption all the same.

Is there anyone in a position of authority that I may contact anonymously? I have never been in this position before and with all due respect, I DON'T feel comfortable in contacting anyone that has their own agenda, righteous or not, I cannot confirm or deny any other allegations on this board.

I hope all find justified resolution to their crisis.

Source: A&E website
There is no way to ascertain the identity of the informant, or verify his authenticity.