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November 26, 2007 permalink

This is not the first case of close-up spying we have heard, but the first that can be published.



CAS worker's home

November 25

A little story of harassment

A little history. As my house arrest was coming to an end. I was not allowed out before 8 am.

I started to notice this fat little piglet jogging by at 7:45 AM every day with her dog.

She was jogging on a path that goes by my home. There is a green belt behind the house. No one is ever back there I can see everything from my window.

At 7:59 AM I was about to let my dog out and I saw that fat little bitch spying on my home from behind a tree. I looked at my watch. Bingo 8 AM I open the door and start chasing the fat piglet through the woods till we come to the home in the picture above. Scared her real good. The next day I'm parked down the street and follow the piglet to work. Guess where? The local Children's Aid Society of Ontario.

My point, always watch your back and its fun to chase a fat lesbian through the woods screaming like a nut.

I never saw that fat pig ever again.

Peter Tarbat,

Source: personal MSN blog