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Adoptions Remain Secret

November 13, 2007 permalink

The Ontario government has decided not to try to save the Adoption Information Disclosure Act from the decision of the courts, so it is dead. COAR holds out hope for a watered down version from the next session of the legislature.



COAR Bulletin

November 13, 2007

Today COAR learned that the Ontario government has decided not to appeal Judge Belobaba’s decision. The Minister of Community and Social Services phoned COAR this afternoon to give us the news.

The government plans to amend the Adoption Information Disclosure Act and add a disclosure veto. They plan to do so very quickly.

COAR has already shared with the government the additions we consider necessary to make AIDA a better and workable law.

Please write as soon as possible to the Minister and ask her to amend AIDA to include:

  • a comprehensive health history form for individuals who choose to file a disclosure veto
  • an active registry open to birth relatives, adult adoptees and their descendants
  • the release of comprehensive non-identifying information to birth relatives and adopted adults in a timely fashion
  • an improved medical search system that allows adoptees and birth relatives to take preventative action

Please send your letter to Minister Madeleine Meilleur at . Write also to your MPP to ensure that the government includes as many of your rights as possible when it amends AIDA. To find your MPP's address, click here:

In a few years, AIDA will come up for review. We are hopeful that we can seek further changes at that time. We will continue to fight for those few adoptees and birth parents who are blocked from obtaining information by the disclosure veto.

While we are saddened and disappointed that the government has chosen not to appeal Judge Belobaba’s decision, we see this as an opportunity to improve AIDA and create a law that works. COAR is continuing to fight on behalf of adoptees and birth parents in Ontario.

In solidarity,

Michael Grand,
Karen Lynn,
Wendy Rowney,

Source: email from COAR