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Boyfriend Gouged

November 12, 2007 permalink

From the just when we thought it couldn't get any worse department. Norwegian foster parents have found a new way to profit from their foster kids. A teenaged foster daughter had a love affair. From the article, it is clearly a genuine love affair, not a child rape. The affair seems to be actionable in Norway because the boy is four years older than the girl. The foster parents have twice gouged the boy for compensation of 10,000 Norwegian Krone over the girl's objections.



Updated: 08. november 2007 kl.12:42

Girl refuses sex compensation

A nearly 15-year-old girl has refused to accept damages awarded for sex with an older boy in a court case she has opposed from the start.

A four year older man was convicted of having sex with a minor by a Romsdal court, and ordered to pay NOK 10,000 (USD 1880) in compensation, but the girl has opposed the process, newspaper VG reports.

The girl argued that she was not a victim, that she had contacted the man and that she had had sex with him willingly.

The girl's foster parents registered a complaint with child care authorities and filed charges with police, and demanded damages for the girl.

"As long as the girl is a minor and the guardian demanded damages, I had to submit a claim for damages. But I informed the court that she did not wish any form of compensation," the girl's lawyer, Johan Teiseth, told VG.

The court insisted that, legally, the girl could not renounce damages.

The convicted man has had a long and close relationship with the girl, and has one former conviction on similar charges towards the girl, and then too was ordered to pay NOK 10,000 in damages.

Source: website Aftenposten English