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Perfect Gift for Him

December 9, 2007 permalink

The problems with family law do not all originate with social workers. Below we copy the beginning of a FathersCan blog post illustrating the attitudes of a bookseller.



November 7, 2007.

Ms. Heather Reisman
Indigo Books and Music Inc.

Dear Ms. Reisman,

Earlier this evening I was in the Chapters store at Square One in Mississauga browsing around to see what was new and what was on sale as I frequently do.

I noted two tables in the bargain books section of the store. One had a sign saying "Great Gifts for Her". The other, of course, was "Great Gifts for Him". I went over to take a look.

On the "Great Gifts for Her" table were books on Meditation, Watercolour Painting; books on must see movies and must read books; and collections of Bronte Sister stories and other short story collections.

On the "Great Gifts for Him" table were "The World's Worst Criminals", "The World's Worst Crimes", "Murder Stories", "Homicide Stories", "Crime Stories", and "Crimes of Passion".

For the rest of the letter, refer to the source.

James Williams
National Director of Operations

Source: FathersCan blog entry for December 8, 2007