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Unholy Trinity

December 6, 2007 permalink

The Harold Levy blog on Dr Charles Smith posted an item on December 3 reporting that the Ontario government provided funding for Dr Smith to sue the CBC for an unfavorable broadcast report on November 10, 1999. The comment below is posted by a person knowledgeable about the subject matter of the inquiry, but who wants to remain anonymous.



December 4, 2007 5:57 AM

To believe that the problems in the Coroner's office are limited to the time frame of one "Dr Charles Smith" would be tantamount to revitalizing the thought process that the world is flat.

This is merely a sacrificial lamb from the lions den.

Feel free to take pictures, form comments, but don't scratch more than the surface. In the realm of Pediatric Death Investigations, Pediatric Death Review Committees there is a clear absence of trained pediatric specialists, however there is also a clear and present danger of the "Trinity of Power" ie The Cops, The Coroner, and the CAS, poised to attack the innocent family of a deceased child.

That is why most of us sit in silence, terrorized to the depths of our souls. We know that there is no where to hide. If we build our cases, take our notes and come forward, they will find a grow op in our homes, create a reason to take our kids, tarnish our reputations, imprison us.

We are the mothers and fathers of these children.

Don't "Goudge us again". Our precious babes are dead, our pockets are empty from fighting the criminal investigations, the civil litigations, our human rights and those of surviving children are non existent. We are looking for an Angel of Mercy. With our empty arms, hardened hearts, we are screaming out to you in our silence: STOP THIS MADNESS!!!

Truth and Justice await us all in the end.

Source: anonymous contributor to Harold Levy blog