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Foster Hell Hole

December 1, 2007 permalink

A teenaged girl, promised a nice home by a social worker instead got a home where she was assaulted and robbed, and watched fellow children use drugs and attempt suicide. The lawyer appointed to protect her interests refused to speak to her.



CAS workers promise teen a safe home but teen testifies that she was given anything but. She says she was afraid and terrified while in CAS care!

(December 1, 2007) Court Watch conducted a videotaped interview with a 14-year-old girl today who testified on videotape that she was tricked and misled by CAS workers to go into care with the agency. She was promised that she would be staying in a nice home with other great kids. CAS workers made it sound like paradise. The teen reported that she was taken out of a perfectly safe home because she argued with her parents about money and chores and that CAS workers told her that she did not have to put up with that crap from her parents. While in care at a CAS facility the girl was shocked and frightened to see other kids attempt suicide by cutting their wrists which CAS workers tried to conceal while she was there. It seems that CAS does not want some of these stories getting out into the public domain so it keeps these horror stories hidden.

The teen also reported being assaulted and robbed while CAS workers supposedly were supervising the teens. The girl reported that the CAS workers did nothing while she was being assaulted right in the CAS facility. The teen says she was taken from a good home and placed in an environment of fear and intimidation at the CAS facility. She said the other kids hated it there and at least one other teen reported that she had been fooled by the same CAS worker to leave her home as well and that the other girl was now angry and frustrated at the system. Some kids were on drugs while living in the CAS facility.

What this teen also reported which some readers may find interesting is that the police told her that the laying of assault charges against another female while in the care of the CAS were at the discretion of the victim of the crime. In other words, the victim could get to choose if police would lay charges of assault. Yet, when it comes to females complaining about being assaulted by males, females are routinely told by police that they have no discretion and that they must lay charges against males. Court Watch has received a number of calls from women who have confirmed this with the same police force which spoke to this girl. It seems that police have a double standard between males and females when it comes to the laying of assault charges which may explain why some of the domestic violence statistics are cooked to make males look like the main perpetrators of assault.

The girl said she had never been in the presence of so many violent teens in her life and that she was afraid for her physical safety at the CAS facility. She sometimes could not sleep good at night out of fear that someone might come into her room while she slept. She said that nobody with the CAS and the Children's Lawyer seemed interested in listening to her at all. Her children's lawyer did not even return her phone calls. The girl said that she just wanted to go home with her family where she felt safe.

It's no wonder why more and more children and their families are getting fed up with CAS and its tactics which needlessly destroy families. The actions of unaccountable and in most cases unlicensed CAS workers is only going to expose these agencies for multiple lawsuits as these kids come forth in the future to sue agencies and workers alike.

If readers know of other children who wish to speak about their experience with CAS, police or the children's lawyer, please have them contact Canada Court Watch at

Source: Canada Court Watch