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Fractured Family

October 29, 2007 permalink

Many personal stories of child protection get posted to the internet daily. Here is one by Bessie Hudgins, one of the organizers of the DCrally in Washington last August, and planned again for August 2008. She paints a good picture of the pain inflicted on children by our divisive family law system.



Bessie Hudgins
my14mema at

Subject: Family story

Good Evening my Many Friends,

I am here once again to tell you about the sadness of the plight of our children.

As most of you know, I have two of my grandchildren back with us after being away from us for over seven years due to the abuse of our system. These two girls have a sister, ten years old. We are still not allowed to see her because her mother still uses her to control the situation.

One of the girls was able to spend some time with her little sister this weekend. The young sister asked could she please talk to her daddy. It has been way too long since I talked to him. The oldest one called their daddy on his cell phone and handed the phone to her baby sister.

I'm not even sure I can make everyone understand the happiness and the pain that this little girl and her daddy felt through this conversation, but I will try.

My ten-year-old granddaughter told her daddy how much she loves him and how bad she wants to see him. She talked about her sister's puppy and her new pocketbook, and school. She laughed and had the best time with her daddy. She asked him all kinds of questions about where he lives and what he does everyday. She asked him if he wanted to see her as bad as she wants to see him. She told him over and over how much she loves him and how badly she misses him.

When it came time for her to hang up, she got very sad and didn't want to say bye. She told her daddy that she misses him so bad, and how she doesn't understand why she has to stay where she is and her sisters get to live with us.

The oldest sister watched her little sister become very happy and alive while she talked to their daddy, and she said it really made her see how horrible it is to keep parents away from children.

I pray every night that the people in power in this country will wake up and see how cruel and inhuman our courts are when they rule against our children.

I have two grandchildren that we spent over $50,000.00 to bring home. We went through five attorneys and got no where. Once we ran out of money and went pro se, and the girls found out we were STILL fighting for them, they came on their own to find out if it was true. The rest is history. They moved in with me a short time later and are now very happy.

The youngest girl is not allowed to see us, but the two oldest ones do give her messages from us and she sends us messages all the time.

"Best Interest of the Child" this judge has now decided our case is not right for his court and has moved it to Juvenile court, which also has rendered the girl's mother without an attorney cause the mother's attorney is also the juvenile judge in our county.


Source: email from Bessie Hudgins