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Kids Can't Find Advocate

October 28, 2007 permalink

Recent legislation strengthened the Office of the Child and Family Service Advocacy (Judy Finlay), empowering her to help children to get proper care. John Dunn has found that children resourceful enough to find the home page of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services will not be able to find Judy Finlay. She is mentioned on the website, but cannot be found from the home page. His message to the minister via their webform is below.

I wanted to inform you of the fact that the Child and Youth Advocates office is not easily, if at all accessible through the Ministry web site. I have searched and searched and can not find it.

I am asking you for a response to this request.

Will the Ministry place a very obvious link to the Child and Youth Advocate so that children and youth who require access to their services can quickly locate them in times of emergency.

Source: email from John Dunn